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Our Integrated Approach to Online Marketing

Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Campaigns

Main Path is a digital marketing agency specializing in helping small and mid-sized businesses that cannot support hiring their own digital marketing department.


Based on each client’s individual needs, we develop a customized, multi-channel digital marketing strategy that leverages the interconnectivity of the web to ensure all of your online marketing channels are working together to help drive results.


This includes search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, analytics and reporting.


For nine years we’ve driven results for our clients through high-quality services and deliverables.


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Search Engine Optimization

Increase your search engine rankings by implementing keywords, title tags, meta descriptions and more — driving traffic to your site and multiplying your conversions.

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Paid Advertising

Delivering a high return on investment through paid display advertising, social media advertising, retargeting, product listing ads, and more — directing highly-targeted leads back to your site.

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Social Media Marketing

Promote your content, sweepstakes, and more across targeted social media channels to encourage user engagement and create brand loyalty — and increase organic lead generation through social sharing.

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Email Marketing

We develop conversion-focused messaging that educates subscribers, increases engagement, and drives visitors back to your website — increasing your conversion rates and return on investment.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Provide users with an incredible digital experience on your site, and encourage them to take a desired action — completing and submitting a form, e-commerce, sign up for a newsletter, etc.

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Content Marketing

We craft original, high-quality content that captures and engages your target audience with blog posts, infographics, slideshows, e-books, press releases, on-site content, and more.

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Analytics and Reporting

We extract the core values of your business, collect relevant data, and convert it into meaningful, actionable insights — creating a formula-based strategy for your campaign.

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Distribution and Outreach

Our team places your content on targeted channels to increase brand awareness and establish credibility via our proprietary relationships with media outlets, industry leaders, and more.

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The Challenge for Businesses

We understand that the majority of small to mid-sized businesses cannot support the costs of a complete digital marketing department—it’s just not cost effective for these companies to hire 4 to 6 (or more) employees to run their digital marketing programs.


Instead, many of these companies will hire a digital marketing manager and task them with all of the online marketing efforts for the business. While common, this is a massive undertaking for just one person and will often result in poor performance and a low ROI.

Your Outsourced Digital Marketing Team

Main Path solves this challenge by providing a full outsourced team of digital marketing specialists, each focused on their particular area of expertise. This team of specialists is led by a dedicated digital marketing executive, who’s the most senior member of our team, and your main point of contact.


Strategy Based on Data-Driven Formulas

We aren’t guessing what will work with your campaigns. We believe that digital marketing strategies should be based on data-driven formulas, not the opinions of individuals.


We have generated dozens of formulas we employ to develop campaigns that will provide a higher and quicker ROI.

Leverage Interconnectivity of All Online Channels

The internet has evolved and is more multidimensional than ever. As part of our data driven formulas, we leverage the interconnectivity of the web and ensure all of your online marketing channels are working together to help drive results.


Executive-Level Communication

We value your time and want to give you the most important information in the least amount of time.


Rather than send you a 30+ page auto-generated SEO report like a typical agency would, your dedicated marketing executive will report back on how we are performing each month based on the key performance indicators your company cares about most.


If we are meeting our goals, then we talk about what is working and how we can continue to increase performance. If the goals are not where we expect them to be, then we are going to talk about what is not working, show the data behind why it is not working, and provide specific recommendations to improve results.


  • Through the use of social media marketing and direct response suggestions, we have increased our ability to track the success of our internet marketing, helping with our overall business. Main Path is consistently responsive to our needs and provides a high level of commitment to our success.
    Gary Garcia
    Coles Fine Flooring
  • As a Marketing Director I've worked with many firms on SEO projects over the years, and Main Path has been the most impressive by far. They took the time to truly understand our business and the industry that we operate in, and that type of customer-centric approach permeates everything that they do.
    Billy Beltz
    Spark Inc.
  • I have been working with Main Path since December 2012. Their focus has been optimizing our website and managing our paid advertising campaigns. Their leadership and expertise have been a tremendous asset to our company. Main Path is extremely easy to work with and has consistent follow through with the numerous projects they are juggling for us!
    Taryn Weiss
    AV Concepts
  • What really sets them apart, however, is their commitment to their customers after the project is done. Whereas most other companies all but disappear after they get paid, Main Path maintains their high level of customer service and shares their customers’ sense of urgency, even for the smallest detail.
    Ken Rosser
    Cell Bio Labs
  • Working with Main Path has been a joy. They know SEO and have provided us with cost effective solutions for mobile-friendly website design, PR and integration of social media. Every time we have presented them with a challenge they came through for us with flying colors. I could not recommend them more.
    Hal Pierce
    Teplis Travel