Buy Your Domain Name

Google has a love affair with domains that are keyword rich.  Buy, place a basic bio of yourself on it and point a few links from other properties you own. Within a few weeks the domain name should be ranking relatively well. If the .com domain name is not available then try to buy other TLDs (.info or .biz). If all of the TLDs are taken then buy a domain with a modifier at the end like

Social Profile Creation

It’s very important to control your social media presence online so your potential client can find you and so other people don’t register them before you do. Not only that, but these profiles rank very well in the search engine results. I would start by making a profile on Twitter, Facebook Pages, Linkedin, and Google Profiles. Most of these accounts allow you to create a custom keyword rich URL, which will help it rank better in the search results. (Facebook Pages need at least 25 “likes” before you can setup a custom URL). 

Press Release

Doing online press release distribution is a great way to create brand awareness, positive search engine results, and links. With Google pulling in more search channels into the standard search engine result page, pushing press releases can trigger news results to show up for your target keyword.

Google News Results Image
Also, in most press releases you can include links, so make sure to point links to your online properties like the social profiles you created above.

Guest Posts

When writing guest posts, most of the time there will be an “About the author” section that will contain your name and a link to whatever you want. If the blog you are published on has any authority, then your about me section has the ability to rank; be sure to include your name or company name in this section. Also, you can point that well-deserved link to one of your relevant online properties to help it rank better.

Guest Post Bio Section
To help find possible guest post opportunities, simply Google “keyword” guest writer, “keyword” guest blog post writer, “keyword” submit blog post, “keyword” add blog post, “keyword” guest blogger wanted.

Guest Interviews

Dust off your networking address book and start contacting people for guest interviews to put on people’s blogs. More than likely your name will be mention a bunch of times in the post and you might be able to arrange a link back to one of your online properties.  Help a Reporter Out is also another great resource for finding interview opportunities. Take the time to check it out.

Make Videos

Like I mentioned earlier, Google is pulling more search channels into the standard search engine result page. Video is a great channel to optimize for your keyword. Creating a simple video interview and uploading it to can trigger search engines to start pulling that video to their results.

Google Video Results Image

Make sure to place your keyword in the title, description, and tags sections when uploading. If it does not start ranking in a few months, point a few keyword rich links to the YouTube URL. That should help trigger it.

Optimize Images

Once again, optimizing images of yourself or of your company is a great way to gain more visibility in the search engine results pages. Make sure to place images on your online properties like the keyword rich domain I mention earlier. If possible, name the file with keywords-your-name.jpg, place your keyword in the alternative attribute tag, and surround the image with relevant keyword text (see image).

How To Optimize an Image for Search Engines
Blog Comment

Finding relevant industry blogs and placing insightful blog comments is a great way to participate in the community and increase your brand, but it can also be used to point links back to your online properties.

Post in Niche Forums

Just like I mention above, finding industry niche forums and participating is great way to increase your brand, but is also can be a way to point links back to your online properties. Most forums allow you to have profile links that are embedded on every post. So, the incentive to participate is that much greater!

Article Marketing

Writing and distributing articles related to your target keywords will most likely not rank for your keyword, but once again you can use it to build links to your online properties.

Link Buying

Buying links can be a slippery slope that leads to penalties, so I do not normally recommend it. When it comes to reputation management it can be a bit different. For starters, most of the properties that are ranking for your name or company name are not owned by you. Many of these pages are owned by sites that are trustworthy in Google’s eyes, such as Facebook and Twitter, so they are less likely to be penalized.  That being said, if you were inexperienced and bought a bunch of site-wide links for your Twitter profile page, which resulted in a page-specific penalty, your online reputation could suffer. In the end, you could always delete the profile and create a new one.  I would only recommend buying links to your online properties as a last resort if other forms of linking are not effective. If you decide that it is the path for you, be smart about it and start slow.

Help With The Distribution of Content

Distributing a mass amount of content on the web can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Instead of logging into each of your Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, and other accounts to upload a photo, you could use a service called Posterous. With Posterous you can submit a blog post, image, video, and more and it is syndicated to all of your properties at once.  They support distribution to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress and Xanga, just to name a few.

If this sounds like too much for you to handle, let us to do it for you! Check out our online reputation management service.


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