Let’s face it–efficiency is key when you are working with deadlines in a busy environment. Data analysis and logging in to various accounts is more or less what a lot of my day here at Best Rank involves. Assuming you already know how to read data for SEO campaigns, I will share some free tools that make my life that much easier.

1. Google Analytics Shortcuts

Google Analytics Shortcuts

Why does this make my life simpler? This feature is brand new but makes organizing information incredibly efficient. In the black box you can see my monthly reports for prospective clients. These tabs are fixed so that when the time comes each month, all I have to do is click on the shortcuts tab, and boom–I have my fixed reports a click away. Instead of sifting through the data and re-creating each month, essentially two clicks gives me what I need.

2. Rank Checker

Rank Checker

This free tool from SEObook.com is great for getting up-to-date positioning for current link building strategy. As anyone in the industry knows, in two weeks it is possible to move either up or down in SERPs for sought-after keywords. Although Rank Checker is not always 100% accurate (in my opinion) it is helpful to get a gauge for a long list of keywords and before inserting in Google to find the current position. I see this as a preliminary step that saves time versus inserting all of the keywords individually into Google.

3. LastPass


I have to give credit where credit is due. I want to thank my friend Tim Sartori for giving me a heads up about LastPass. If you work for an SEO company like myself or in an industry that involves a lot of passwords and usernames, this tool will save you a great deal of time by securely storing passwords and using autofill when you open a new browser. Once again, this is efficiency at its finest.

There are tons of free tools out there to make life easier–if you have a great tool to share leave your thoughts in a comment below.


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