Best Rank sponsors the Win the Web Internet Marketing Podcast, a recorded morning-show-style audio production that discusses SEO and social media marketing in a fun and informative way. We have featured episode summaries on our blog before, but this time, we are proud to bring you some of the key marketing insights discovered during the first 070 episodes.

Use Tags to Create Discoverable Content

There is an abundance of content on the web, and as both the quality and quantity of it continues to rise, filtering out the the best stuff is going to be a bigger priority than finding it in the first place. Tags are all about improving this filtering process by providing specificity and connecting related pieces of content. For the Win the Web website, this means harnessing the power of WordPress’s tag functionality to create new pages for each tag that is used. The proof of how impactful tag pages can be is in the fact that the “Internet marketing podcast” tag page for Win the Web ranks higher than the home page for that specific search, which also happens to be our most important keyword.

Other places that tags have been successful in growing our listening audience include YouTube uploads, Mixcloud, and Tumblr.  Just recently, Facebook announced support for hashtags, which means all major social networks now encourage users to #tagthingslikecrazy. If you haven’t already, start getting used to an abundance of hashtags in marketing efforts across the globe.

Feature Others’ Products and Services

More than anything else, the most effective way of growing our podcast audience has been by organically featuring useful and fun tools on our Toolshed segment of the show.  We have featured a wide range of companies and products, from things we use every day to emerging start-ups to the latest updates from major services. When we welcome a member to The Toolshed, we often mention during our discussion on the show that we would love to have anybody from the company join us for an interview in the future.

After the episode is complete, we often contact the company we featured via Facebook and Twitter asking them to listen to the episode and give us their thoughts. This creates a comfortable, natural opportunity for us to become connected with people who build things we admire, use, and want to learn more about. When we are most successful, we get to enjoy the benefits of an actual interview.

Have Real Conversations with People

Interviews are an extremely popular format for audio shows because they allow listeners to feel like part of a conversation, which significantly deepens interest and engagement. For us as hosts, we benefit by learning along with the audience. On The Brainstorm segment of Win the Web, we have had the fortune of interviewing several guests.

The greatest benefit of conducting interviews is that they create an authentic dialogue and relationship. We are able to forge a unique, independent connection between our audience and the people that create things for them to use (their audience). Further, we are able to go back to our guests multiple times to analyze changes over time, present exciting updates, or answer question from our listeners. These types of interactions are what create loyalty to our show and inspire interaction on a regular basis, which is the key to steady growth in almost any marketing effort.

So a few things we’ve learned: use tags to ensure that your quality content can be found by the people who want it, showcase other people’s success, and start real conversations to create real relationships. When your intentions are in the right place, success is on the horizon.


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