4 Tactics to Build Wealth Slowly

4 Tactics to Build Wealth Slowly

Authors who write books about earning and amassing money tend to focus on short-term and overnight tactics for acquiring a substantial store of funds. What’s often lost in the translation is that wealth building is best done very, very slowly. For those in their 20s and 30s, the long-time horizon works in their favor, even when interest rates are low. However, older adults still have a shot at letting patience guide them to financial freedom.

At any age, getting a college diploma is one of the most effective ways to boost job prospects and find rewarding work. When it comes to saving for retirement, Roth IRAs (individual retirement accounts/arrangements) deliver solid benefits for working adults at all income levels. Second jobs are the preferred route to wealth for diligent adults, particularly those who devote time to developing high traffic blogs or becoming affiliate marketers. See which of the following methods suits your style of wealth building.

Get a College Degree

Getting and financing a four-year degree is a double challenge. That’s why those intent on building a stable career and higher lifetime earning power make sure they get funding for college. Fortunately, anyone who needs to cover tuition, books, fees, and other school-related costs can use Earnest private student loans and spend their time studying instead of worrying about financing. A diploma is a major investment that opens multiple doors to varying career paths. College grads earn more money between their early twenties and retirement than non-grads, a financial fact of life that should serve as an incentive for young adults to try to get degrees.

Open a Roth IRA

Roth IRAs use after-tax income, so there’s no deduction in the year of contribution. Traditional versions, non-Roth IRAs, allow tax filers to take a straight deduction from income. But the big payoff for a Roth comes at retirement, when account holders can withdraw principal and interest tax-free. For holders of regular IRAs, all post-retirement withdrawals are taxed at current rates. Anyone can convert a standard IRA into a Roth if they pay tax on the balance at the time of the conversion. For most taxpayers, the Roth makes more sense and is a much safer way to amass tax-free wealth, which is the best kind.

Start a Blog

It can take a year or more to build up a large enough readership to earn money from blogging. But for diligent, hard-working adults who like the idea of selling ad space and creating passive streams of income, blogging is an interesting, fun way to add to long-term earning power. Choose a subject you like and start writing.

Accumulate Precious Metals

There are several precious metals, but gold and silver are the ones wealth seekers add to retirement accounts and portfolios to take advantage of potential gains. As the economy gets shakier and the stock market becomes more volatile by the day, investors turn to the one asset class that has never been worth zero and can’t go bankrupt: precious metals. Acquiring gold and silver via a DCA (dollar cost averaging) plan is the simplest way for working adults to use metals to become wealthier as they grow old.