4 Tips for Choosing the Right Time Tracking Solution for Your Remote Business

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Time Tracking Solution for Your Remote Business

With time-tracking software, businesses have various benefits, such as generating more revenue by billing accurate work hours. With modern advancement, relying on paperwork and spreadsheets for logging time is obsolete. With this in mind, many companies are now investing in time-tracking software for their employees. To ensure you get the best value for your money, let’s find the top three tips for choosing the right time-tracking software for your business.

Know your business needs

Before searching for time-tracking software for your business, you must understand your business needs. Know the tasks you should track and features vital for productivity. Knowing these features helps you specify your options and make informed decisions.

Ensure it’s user-friendly

Search for a user-friendly tracking solution with an intuitive interface and straightforward design. The best time tracking software solution should be easy to set up, allowing your employees to get the hang of it quickly and the required data. This also means choosing software with desktop and mobile access. With such capability, you can manage projects from anywhere.

Know the features you require 

To know what features you require, determine what you want the solution to do. Here are some things you can consider: 

  • Time tracking: Automatic and accurate time tracking of employees’ time is essential. Ensure you choose a tool with the option of either setting up a time and tracking the time worked properly or logging the hours after a task has been completed.

  • Data analysis: Tracking time is an integral part of sustainable data management. It helps you price projects accurately. With more information, you can make more accurate pricing. 

  • Invoicing and billing: Choose a tool to integrate your current invoicing solution. An added advantage would be a tool with built-in payment system. It removes the challenges of calculating payments.

  • Client and project tracking: Choose a tool that tracks how much time your employees spend on projects. A good time-tracking tool will tell you if you are on the right path by comparing the actual time with the budgeted time.

  • Quick overview: A good time tracking software offers an accessible summary of where your employees spend the most time. With this, you can improve project time estimation productivity and guide client discussions.

  • Team tracking: Employees are sometimes distracted during working hours and unproductive. To avoid this, you can use tools to know what software they use, allowing you to gain visibility of their activities. This will enable you to improve workplace productivity. 

Consider security

Before choosing software for your business, you must consider data security. Choose a time-tracking software with encryption and other vital security features that keep your employee data confidential. 

Time tracking software usually has substantial personal information that could impact your business and employees if leaked. Ensure you choose a tool with superb data security measures. 


Time tracking software aims to help you run your business more effectively, not frustrate you, or be a challenge to your employees. When choosing a time-tracking solution for your business, search for features that make the process more efficient and smoother. Considering the above tips, you can make optimal choices for your business.