5 Changes Made To The 1099 Requirements In 2022

Five changes made to the 1099 requirements in 2022

With the new year coming, the recent tax filing has been listed out, and there have been specific changes made in the 1099 tax filing return to your businesses.

However, the change has been done owing to the American Rescue Plan that came out as the Covid 19 stimulus package.

With the IRS bringing changes to bring efficiency in the processes and increasing accuracy, this all came with a few changes in the 1099 tax filing form, making a significant impact on the small and local businesses. 

What is the 1099-K form used for?

This form is credit card payments and third-party transactions that return a report of certain transactions to improve compliance with the voluntary tax.

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It works mainly with the credit card companies like PayPal or Visa to report the transactions that the retailer on their behalf has made.

The retailer receives the 1099 form for tax purposes and keeps it in its record.

You are most likely to receive a 1099 form if you have received or made payment via online services, providing you with the details of your tax compliance transactions. 

Changes that are made to the 1099 form

The new year came with a new tax resolution in the lives of small business owners.

The year dawned with the threshold for the taxation narrowed down more to the small businesses and provided you with the need for the 1099 form.

The new changes made in the 1099 form are as follows,

  • The credit card transactions for which the tax papers were issued were $20,000, decreased the threshold to the $600, asking the small businesses who made the $600 monthly or made transactions to be issued the 1099 form detailing their online transaction and making it in compliance with the tax returns on them.
  • This is to be enacted on the goods and products used for the businesses but not on the personal gifts or other domestic reimbursements.
  • The transactions are taxable only to the business incomes or exports. For example, if you had a side hustle of haircut and are making about $500, it will count as taxable income, nothing less, and you will be charged tax. 
  • The presented changes Are made by the law and would be followed immediately by the public, and there is no minimum transaction requirement for it. 
  • These tax transactions generate the revenue used for the state’s welfare and development. 

The 1099 form changes were enacted for the remote workers and the small business owners issuing their paystubs, providing them records for their online payments and transactions, asking them to have a great caution in their transactions carried by the third payment party and verify the dealings with the report generated for you and the tax payments.

What will these changes look like for you?

Unless you are a business owner or running some local small business, these tax filings would be counting towards your online payments.

Feel free to make payments for your personal use or gifts transaction for which you will not be counting for the tax payments. 

You must be a bit extra cautious towards the online transactions if you are running an online eCommerce business on different platforms, from where you would be getting your 1099-K form for all the transactions.

So, the incomes you might consider for yourself may not be treated as so by the merchant’s entity; therefore, you need to seek guidance from the tax professional regarding your tax returns.

Before these new changes, there was a considerable space of the transaction limit that went beyond the $20,000 and exceeded the 200-transaction limit, which gave colossal space to the small businesses to grow and expand till 2021 but now, the new tax filing system has changed the game entirely sending you the transaction record to verify and keep a document with you for the tax fillings. 

In the future, who will get Form 1099-K?

Under the current laws, homeowners who rent out their vacation houses via a marketplace frequently do not get Form 1099-K since they do not satisfy the 200-transactions-per-year level; similarly, online collectibles dealers seldom achieve the barrier.

Again, many people who utilize internet portals to make additional money by making deliveries, cleaning homes, babysitting, or performing other activities seldom earn more than $20,000 in a calendar year.

If their additional income in 2022 exceeds $600, these homeowners and freelance workers will now receive 1099-K declaring their extra income in January 2023 underneath the new rule.

Next steps

Suppose you are a company whose transactions go beyond $600.

According to the new policy, you are likely to receive this 1099 form, so you need to be sure and thus review the tax returns to verify the transactions that the payment company listed and recorded for the tax filing.

You should be careful and thorough in examining the tax filings that the company has listed and match every single transaction, whether that was personal or business.

If you are still unsure how to react or what this 1099-K form means for you, you should consider visiting the tax professional to seek guidance.


The credit card companies use the 1099 form to make the tax filings and tax returns on the transactions that a retailer conducts on their behalf.

The new changes in the 1099 requirements of 2022 have changed the game for the local or small businesses whose transaction limits go beyond the $600 and thus, issuing the tax return in the form of 1099 form to all such companies that were enacted this recent year.

With these new changes in the 1099 requirements, one should be careful while conducting transactions between the business and the domestics keeping the records straight for the tax filings and returns to the date for submission.