6 Useful Math Apps for iOS Users

6 Useful Math Apps for iOS Users

Many school subjects are not easy for students, especially mathematics. Students often comment that this school subject is boring and rather complicated as there are only numbers and incomprehensible symbols. 

Moreover, students studying various mathematical concepts, formulas, and topics need a lot of time to understand everything. Having figured it out, students even begin to love mathematics. However, often children and adolescents need something or someone who can tell them about mathematics in an interesting way. Only then can they get engaged in learning.  

Children and teenagers don’t always understand how important mathematics is in life. It is important for budget planning, at work, even if the work is not directly related to mathematical formulas, on vacation in foreign countries with foreign currency, and in many other ways. 

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Mathematics is important in all aspects of our life. One of the great opportunities to instill a love of mathematics in students is to use modern technologies. We will tell you about useful math apps that you can use for self-study, for students, and also for your kids. 

Top apps 

Prodigy Math: Kids Game 

Who said learning math has to be boring? This app proves that learning math can be fun. The game is suitable for children from 4 years old. 

Children can create their characters, which are wizards. After creating a character, they have to go on a new adventure, during which they are completing various quests, and tasks, as well as fighting enemies. Each task is mathematical. To defeat the enemy, children must first solve the puzzle, solve an example, or do something else. 

It combines learning and fun. In this way, children improve their math skills. The game is adaptive. This means that it draws up an individual task plan for each player, following their learning style.  

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If you are looking for a math tutor, then you just need to install this application. It will become your assistant in the study of more than seventy different topics that are necessary for passing exams and tests. 

Each topic is covered in full. In addition, the explanations are written in simple language and you can view various examples to improve your understanding of various topics. You will be able to use interactive calculators, a fraction approximator, and an equation solver. 

By choosing the pro version, you will have even more topics to explore. In addition, you can take tests that will help you assess your level of knowledge to suggest the most relevant tasks. The app will monitor your performance daily. 

Calculator Air 

It’s good when you can find the answer to any mathematical problem. However, it often happens that you do not have enough knowledge to solve certain problems. If you find the answer to the problem, then you are unlikely to learn the lesson. 

For such cases, you need to use a smart calculator that will not only help you get the right answer but also tell you how to solve a mathematical problem correctly. 

You can take a picture of any problem you need to solve, be it addition, multiplication, equation solving, plotting, and so on. After the application analyzes the problem, it will instantly give you an answer with a step-by-step solution. This is a great way to learn how to solve math problems like a pro. 

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Difficult math lesson at school? Need to study for an algebra or geometry test in college? You no longer need to puzzle over how to master everything and prepare for a difficult topic or test, because you can take the help of a tutor using this application. 

This app is suitable for both elementary, middle, and high school students as well as college students. Here you will find explanations for every math topic you want to learn in depth. 

You will find many courses, each with over a hundred lessons. The advantage is that you can read not only the theory but also watch video lessons that will help you understand both algebra and geometry. College students can use this app to prepare for over 30 tests including STA, CSET, etc. 


To learn something, you need to practice a lot. This is also relevant in the study of mathematics. If you want your child to master arithmetic, then this application will come in handy. 

It is suitable for children from 5 to 11 years old. Its uniqueness lies in its adaptability. While your child is solving problems, the application will analyze his learning style and select the next tasks. The learning process is easy so that children do not perceive it as another lesson in school. Instead, children have fun learning arithmetic. 

Thanks to the application, your children will be able to master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, learn the multiplication table, learn how to solve problems with percentages, and much more. You, in turn, will be able to track the progress of your child. 

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Today, young people regularly use social networks. Brainly is a social network that helps students improve their grades in various subjects, including math. 

The first thing this application stands out for is that it helps to do the homework. Users can get answers to their questions, as well as communicate with other users and help them solve problems. The application contains correct answers to the tasks and their step-by-step solutions from various textbooks such as ICSE, AIIMS, JEE, etc. 

In addition, the platform provides the opportunity to interact with an online tutor, which is available around the clock. You can ask a question on any topic that you cannot find an answer to, including a Math and Physics tutor, who is specialized in those subjects, who will explain the topic in detail and tell you what you need to do to solve the task.


Although mathematics can seem complicated and boring, every student can be involved in the process of learning topics through educational and entertainment applications. For younger children, you can use apps that have a fun element to help them learn arithmetic. College students can find applications that help them understand various mathematical topics without much difficulty. In addition, applications can be used to prepare for important tests.