8 Executive Gift Ideas That Build Relationships

8 Executive Gift Ideas That Build Relationships

Giving gifts is an almost necessary part of working your way up the corporate ladder and building relationships. Finding the right gift is not always easy, however. You want to choose executive gifts that aren’t too personal, too showy, or careless. 

It’s even more challenging when you’re not familiar with the recipient. You know you should give them a gift, but you don’t know what they like. How can you choose something that will impress them? 

We’ve assembled 8 of our favorite executive gift ideas that will work for almost any recipient. Read on to learn more. 

1. A Virtual Meeting Gift Set

Tech gifts make great gifts. This is one of the best gifts for executives who are new to roles in which they need to take part in remote meetings or calls. They can upgrade their Zoom meetings with a virtual meeting gift set.

Gift sets vary, so assemble one that makes the most sense for your giftee. For example, you may want to include a high-quality webcam, a headset, and potentially a desk lamp that could improve the lighting for late-night meetings. 

This is an incredibly thoughtful gift that you know the recipient will use. 

2. An Elegant New Pen

High-end pens are fantastic executive gifts. 

Every worker has a plethora of cheap pens loose in their desk drawer. These cheap pens may not have the best-quality ink, they may break quickly, and there’s nothing truly special about them. 

They work well enough for daily tasks, but no one wants to show up to an important event or meeting with those pens if they can help it. 

An elegant high-end pen, potentially even engraved, makes a great gift. Make sure that it comes in a beautiful box that your recipient can use as a case so the pen doesn’t get lost. 

3. A Daylight Desk Lamp

Many business executives find themselves working long hours in windowless rooms. Because of this, they miss out on valuable sunlight. According to the experts at Forbes, daylight is the best light for the office, but it’s not always available.

Some corporate executives even work odd hours, so they may only be working when the sun isn’t out. Even in an office with great natural light during the day, they will not be able to take advantage of it.

A daylight desk lamp is a great alternative to natural light. It simulates daylight and should help the recipient stay alert and motivated. Even having it on for a few minutes at the beginning of their shift will make a huge difference.

This is another incredibly thoughtful gift that any recipient will be happy to get. 

4. A Box of Fine Chocolates

Very few people would be unhappy to receive a box of chocolates as a corporate gift. Splurge on an expensive box of fine truffles, a customized box of hand-selected chocolates, or a box of chocolates from a local chocolatier. 

Opt for a box that’s elegant and well-wrapped. This is a great gift for an executive you don’t know incredibly well. 

5. A Wireless Charging Dock Station

Many people have an abundance of devices they have to keep charged every day. Cords get tangled, chargers get lost or forgotten, and then the devices are useless for the day.

Why not give the gift of a wireless charging dock station?

These wireless charging docks can hold and charge several devices at the same time without the need for too many pesky cables. They can easily charge a smartwatch, a phone, and a tablet at the same time.

The recipient can leave the charging dock on their desk so they never have to go without their devices again. 

6. A Blanket

Looking for an inexpensive executive gift that would be fantastic for almost anyone? A blanket is an excellent choice.

Stay away from standard decorative throw blankets as many people have plenty of those already. Instead, opt for a blanket that’s soft and comfortable. You could even get one customized with the company logo. 

High-quality blankets are simple gifts, but they won’t go unappreciated. 

7. A Fitness Gift Set

Wellness gifts are incredibly trendy right now and they’re perfect for people on all levels of the corporate ladder. A fitness gift set is thoughtful and easily customized to suit any recipient. 

So what types of things go well in a fitness gift set? Consider things like:

  • A yoga mat
  • Fitness bands
  • A gift card to a fitness apparel store
  • A gift card to a local fitness class
  • A 3-month subscription for a fitness-related box

Because of its versatility, this thoughtful executive gift can also fit almost any budget. It’s also a fantastic gift for new hires or for an employee appreciation week. It is excellent for building strong workplace relationships.

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8. A Charcuterie Gift Basket

Charcuterie boards are officially trendy and for good reason. They’re customizable for any diet, they’re easy to assemble, and they are perfect for either solo snacking or parties. Giving someone an assembled charcuterie board isn’t convenient, but a charcuterie gift basket is a great option. 

You can buy a pre-made gift basket or assemble your own to suit the tastes of the recipient. You want to include everything someone may need to create a tasty charcuterie board. 

Great items to put in the gift basket include:

  • Various kinds of cheese
  • Various cured types of meat
  • A bottle of wine
  • Utensils for cutting and serving meat and cheese
  • Jams and mustards 

You can get creative with your charcuterie gift basket to make sure it is perfect for the executive you are gifting it to. 

These Executive Gift Ideas Are Sure to Impress

So which of these executive gift ideas will you use this year? These gift ideas are thoughtful, creative, and sure to help you build important business relationships with people at any level on the corporate ladder. 

Give the perfect executive gift this year.

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