Hurry! Get your seasonal SEO in effect now so you can take full advantage of the seasonal trends affecting your business. Most of us don’t stop to think about how we can benefit from implementing seasonal keywords and instead rely only on initial keyword research to maximize search traffic. For optimal search engine traffic, I would highly suggest implementing a set of seasonal keywords as it relates to your business/industry. For instance, let’s take a look at the trend for “Halloween Costumes” over the course of a year.



You can see that the term Halloween Costumes picks up momentum during late summer/early fall as people begin researching their costume in anticipation of the annual holiday. Below you can see the search volume for the terms “Halloween Costume” and “Costumes” both have significant traffic, however the term Halloween Costumes has nearly 4 times as much as the search term Costumes.

In many cases, a company who has a seasonal or holiday-related product or service will most likely have an influx of search traffic from seasonal keywords if they properly optimized for those keywords on their site. So why not take advantage of seasonal SEO?

The implementation of seasonal SEO can be pretty easy and once it is done, you will benefit year after year. You are going to want to implement the seasonal keywords 2-3 months before the search term picks up traction in the search engines. In the example above, you can see that the term Halloween Costumes begins to gain traction in August, which means you would want to implement the new terms around May.

Your first step is to create a page for this seasonal content and optimize it for the selected seasonal keywords. Once the search traffic drops off and the “season” has passed, it is important you do not delete or archive this new page, otherwise you will have to start from scratch the following year.  Instead, you can reuse the same URL and just archive the old content to a different URL. By leaving the page in place you are giving yourself a head start when it comes to getting up to speed next year for those same search terms.

Chances are your average SEO company or individual is not offering you this service; instead they are just giving you the bare bones keyword research. The truth is this requires extra work and many SEO companies just do not have the bandwidth to accommodate this type of SEO work. Especially if you have an e-commerce site, it is vital that your SEO team is able to accommodate your seasonal needs! 




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