How To Become a Brand Ambassador – The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

How To Become a Brand Ambassador

The digital age gives people a chance to cash in on their passions. For example, you can promote your favorite brands and earn money for doing so.

That is the description of the brand ambassador job.

If you want to become a brand rep, you have to ask how to become a promoter for brands? 

Luckily for you, the process is rather simple.

All you have to do is to build a social media following (and you can use a platform like Social Owl to do it).

Then, network with other influencers, agencies, and brands and sign deals. 

Later, promote the products and earn your check.

To be even more proactive, you need a clear understanding of the idea of the brand ambassador title.  

What is a Brand Ambassador?  

A brand ambassador is a person who uses their social media influence to promote products.

They help companies advocating for their products.

The practice of using brand ambassadors is more common today since they offer organic ways to reach your target audience. 

The idea behind using a brand ambassador is due to the balance of price and effectiveness.

Instead of paying ads or buying media, tap in with an influencer.

Then, they can share your product with the audience, create content about it, and help you with growth hacking. 

Also, using a brand ambassador can help you launch products or relaunch existing ones.

Overall, it is a surefire strategy in the era when almost anyone can build a social media following.

Where to Find Brand Ambassador Applications? 

Now there are a dozen ways to look for brand ambassador applications.

The most common way to find brand ambassador applications is through influencer agencies. 

All you have to do is to look for agencies online.

Then, contact the agencies and send your applications.

Once they find a match for you, they send you a company brief. It is up to you to decide whether or not you want to work with the brand. 

That is the usual way to become a brand rep.

The disadvantage of this method of application is that you completely rely on an agency.

If you wonder if that is the only answer to how to become a promoter for a brand, don’t worry.  

Ambassador Requirements 

Brand ambassadors need a social media presence before anything else.

Often, they use Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok for their social media accounts.

They may use Facebook, depending on if they want to target an older demographic. 

Often, brand ambassadors have a YouTube channel.

Whatever route you choose to pursue, make sure you have a list of Youtube video ideas to have a regular stream of content.

And that you have regular followers with solid engagement. 

Once you have that kind of following, you can apply for a brand ambassador position. Or look to network with brands to land job opportunities.  

How To Become a Brand Ambassador? 

To become a brand ambassador, you have to follow several steps. First, you need a social media presence. Then, you want to find a niche. Now, all that is left is to network and reach out to brands. 

Once you get a few jobs, work on building your portfolio.

A portfolio is like a business card that makes it easier to land new job opportunities.

With more opportunities, there is a chance to broaden your network. 

With all that foundation behind, you can get lasting partnerships with brands.

The last step is to create your network. With your network of influencers, you can leverage even better deals.

That is, in hindsight, how you build a brand ambassador business.  

Build a Social Media Presence 

First things first, you need a social media presence.

Currently, Instagram and TikTok are social media channels with the best organic growth.

That means that you can build a digital presence focusing on content. 

That is an excellent thing, especially if you find a niche. Then, you can create content around your passion.

The brands and agencies may notice that, and seek to work with you.

Later, it becomes much easier to promote products, since it is something you are familiar with. 

In any case, you want to research how to build a social media following.

Find other relevant people in your industry, and connect with them. Become recognizable, network, and build your following.  

Find a Niche 

Another way to be even more efficient is to find a niche.

Niche is a specific segment of an industry.

For example, if your account is about dogs, then working on a segment that covers french bulldogs is a niche. 

To find a niche, look at your hobbies and interests first.

Usually, influencers start with products they like or use in daily life. Then, they create content around the topic, portraying their expertise. 

You can do the same. If you want to be all business, then you can pick a niche and build an account about the topic.

When choosing a niche, you can get very creative and become a feet model, selling content on Instafeet.


Building an account is only a third of the job.

While growing your account is important, networking is even more.

Networking is the practice of connecting with the people in the industry. You can connect with other influencers to get job offers or meet relevant people. 

While an account is valuable, the network is even more. There are a dozen accounts with many followers and solid engagement.

However, they lack a business aspect.

Consider how many accounts about animals there are on Instagram.

However, they lack a person to connect them with animal equipment and food brands to start earning money. 

They say for a reason that your network is your net worth.

As a brand ambassador, this is your most valuable asset.  

Reach Out to Brands

Finally, it is time to do actual business. You have to reach out to brands.

There are two ways to perform the task. First, you can use an agency, or you can do it alone.

Both methods have their benefits, but it is best to do them both. 

Usually, once you have a portfolio, send it to agencies.

You can send an email, contact employees through LinkedIn, or call them. When they find an opportunity for you, they give you a call and send a brief. 

A more proactive way is to reach brands alone.

That way, you can negotiate your terms and earn more.

However, this takes practice and business savvy. Practice both for the best results. 

Build a Portfolio 

There is a reason why building a portfolio comes this deep into the list. You can’t build a portfolio as a brand ambassador without an actual chance to be a brand ambassador. 

While you can send offers and work with agencies, you need data about your performance.

For example, an agency or brand wants to look at your CTR (click-through-rate) and impression ratio. 

For example, a brand may pay you to promote their product on an Instagram story.

They want to look at your previous work and see the ratio of people seeing and opening the Instagram story.

Then, they may determine whether or not it is worth it to work with you. 

Develop Partnerships 

After all that, you can move on to the primary goal. The core business model of a brand ambassador is to develop lasting partnerships.

With partnerships, you don’t have to look for opportunities at all times. Instead, you can work with several brands to make your business profitable. 

That is all you have to do to become a brand ambassador. Now, you want to consider what kind of products you want to promote as a brand ambassador.  

Type of Products to Promote 

When you want to become a brand ambassador, the best thing is that there is a multitude of products to promote.

You can pick a niche, work on a single product, or be a general influencer.

Whatever you want to do, some products are always popular. 

Of course, your success depends on more than the product choice. But, your choice of product impacts your success a great deal.  


brand ambassador for apparel products

The always popular category of products is apparel.

Apparel may include sneakers, shoes, high-fashion, thrift goods, jackets, or any other piece of clothing.

Also, you can pick clothes that follow specific trends to help you sell even better. 

Body positivity is such a trend.

Lately, it dominates the fashion side of Instagram. Since it is a trending topic, women are plugging in and sharing their experiences.

For a more general approach, there is streetwear. 

It is something more general, and almost anyone can do it. Fashion is excellent if you love clothes and follow the latest trends.    

Luxury Products

Luxury products are another excellent choice for brand ambassadors.

These products include products from high-value brands and expensive items as well.

So, it can be anything from watches, clothes, jewelry, and everything in between. 

For this type of job, you need to target a specific audience.

Thus, you need a specific type of content to keep high engagement with such an audience.

Once you build an audience, you can pitch luxury brands for a partnership. 

Often, starting with luxury brands is steep.

However, once you get a first client, it all becomes much easier.  


tech products influencer

While it may not look like it, tech is highly similar to fashion.

There is a high demand for tech, and there is a vast choice of companies and brands to promote.

So, you can pick almost any type of product and start pitching companies. 

However, the only way to do this is to have an actual interest in the topic.

Tech is a fast-changing topic. You have to follow the news to learn how it changes and how it affects companies. 

But, if you like the topic, invest time in content creation. Then, you can sell hardware, software, or even tech equipment.  


Crypto is another trending topic.

There are tons of projects and companies looking for exposure.

Often, they look to exchange tokens and money to reach potential audiences.

However, crypto is a field that offers high profits for high risk. 

While it is a popular topic, crypto products require expertise on topic.

Audiences want an expert opinion on either technology or price forecast.

If you fail to stay constant with your forecasts the audience may lose interest. 

However, if you are consistent, you can promote better products and companies.  

Niche Products

Finally, you can look at niche products.

To find niche products, look at various industries.

Then, segment them even further and look for interesting products.

There is a potential to find a spot where there are fewer influencers. 

Out of all products, niche products work best.

However, this approach requires research and preparation.

Also, you need an interest in the product to make it all work. 

Finally, with a proper product, you can build a decent account and find opportunities.

Make sure to do a lot of research before promoting niche products.  

How Much Money Can You Make Being a Brand Ambassador? 

The best thing about being a brand ambassador is that the potential for earning is limitless.

With a steady online presence, the offers may keep piling up. The only thing you have to do is to stay relevant. 

That may not be much of a problem since you have to post content, and that is it.

In the beginning, you may not earn much money, which is why you might need to supplement your income. We recommend online jobs that pay weekly.

However, an average influencer may earn a few thousand dollars per month. 

And, those more popular may earn even more money than that.

So it is up to you to find better-paying opportunities and get more money for your deals.    

As a brand ambassador, keeping a detailed record of your earnings is essential, not just for personal financial management but also for tax purposes. To ensure you’re accurately tracking your income and managing your financial records, you can easily make your paystub online, simplifying the process.

Become a Brand Ambassador  

Brand ambassador job is an excellent way to capitalize on technology and have fun.

You probably have accounts on social media, and you can monetize them. 

The best thing about this century is that there are too many ways to make money.

The only thing you need is a phone device and something you are passionate about. 

Instead of wasting your time endlessly browsing social media, make it work for you.

The success stories are all around you. You are probably visiting their accounts. Now, it is time for you to become a success story.