Hello Best Rankers! Today I’d like to point out a single, interesting fact about our organization.

You may not realize it but Best Rank does more than just SEO.

But why should that be important to you?

  • If you’re a business owner in need of online marketing services, look no further.
  • If you’re an SEO, social media expert, web developer or consider yourself an overall web marketing guru – we’re likely now competing with you, so listen up.

Take a look at how our tag-line recently changed:

Going from "Search Engine Marketing" to "Internet Presence Management" was a decision we grappled with for a while but ended up being the best choice for us.

What does Internet Presence Management mean? Wikipedia has a definition but essentially we’re not just taking more of a holistic SEO approach towards our services but becoming more of a holistic online marketing organization all together.

Of course, we’re still big on SEO, helping people find an increased ROI using organic search rankings, it’s what we started out doing – however we’ve since grown over the past three years into a full service interactive agency so the new tag-line fits what we do a little better.  We’re a one-stop-shop for companies looking to promote their businesses via digital, online marketing.

What else besides SEO?

Best Rank offers several services in addition to our traditional SEO campaigns that augment and round out our ability to generate a return for our customers:

  • Website development and graphic design, from the initial wireframe layouts, simple site tweaks to custom data migration jobs to full e-commerce and community based websites, taking projects from cradle to grave, Best Rank now does it all.   We specialize in drupal based websites, we even have developed our own custom drupal distribution for both standard and e-commerce sites.  For example, we recently developed an e-commerce, drupal based site for cellbiolabs.com, allowing customers to purchase products and manage their accounts while giving the client (admin) complete control over how their website functions without the need to contact us directly for product updates or simple text changes

  • Social Media Marketing.  When appropriate we find that marketing content via social networks such as Digg, reddit, etc. can be an extremely useful tool for both brand awareness and increased website visibility within the major search engines.  Essentially the social networks allow us very quickly generate a large number of inbound links for the respective content (web page) and thus helps drive better search rankings for the site that the page belongs to.  here is a simple illustration of how it works:


  • Site Search Software, which in layman’s terms means we’re able to create a search box that sits right on your website, allowing your visitors to perform searches against any/all pages on your site. Site search is essential for e-commerce websites – have you ever been to amazon and not used their site search feature? Likely not! We have the capability to index any type of website, including drupal, e-commerce or any other type of website architecture. Best Rank currently has a cluster of servers running on Amazon’s EC2 rock sold cloud based platform that powers not only our client’s site search index’s but bestrank.com’s own search index as well (try running a search, go to the top right hand corner of our website).  The search technology we use is based on the industry leading Solr search engine, an open source project. Solr is incredibly flexible (see here for more details on Solr’s capabilities) allowing us to create enhanced search results relevancy and customized drill down search options that rival search applications found on sites like newegg.com or bhphotovideo.com.


  • Call tracking, allowing the display of unique telephone numbers on a given web page based on which location the user came from (Google, Bing, paid search, etc.). This is a great way to find out which source is actually sending calls your way.  We even use this exact feature on our own website.
  • Web hosting – we now host many of our clients websites.  We’re not a Rackspace or a Dreamhost sized organization but since we develop many drupal based websites we’ve developed a platform that serves those types of websites very well, mainly using caching as a mechanism for speeding up page access time (making sites load faster).  We’ve setup dedicated virtual servers and also have a shared hosting environment.  

    Note this service is not yet listed on our website but may be in the future.


  • Paid Search Management (PPC).  To help our clients generate instant revenue, market feedback and to enhance organic search efforts, we undertake the management pay per click campaigns large and small.  We’re also a Google Adwords Certified Partner

  • Email hosting – because many of our clients didn’t want to go to several different companies to have their website(s) and email managed we decided to take on email management to help simplify the process for them.  Note this service is not yet listed on our website but may be in the future.
  • Customer Reports Portal – not really a separate service in itself (yet) but more of a bonus for existing clients: we’ve developed a customer portal where clients may login and
    • Check their website rankings over time
    • Analyze trends in Google analytics data
    • View number of Google indexes pages over time
    • View number of Yahoo inbound links over time
    • View Google home page PR (page rank) over time
    • and several other useful search marketing metrics

You will find a full list of services we offer in greater detail here

And some of our case studies and web development portfolio here.


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