Best Rank is pleased to announce the first in an additional set of services that we are bringing to market: Best Rank Cloud Search.  Our cloud based site search product enables our customers to add enterprise level, best in class search capabilities to their sites with minimal effort, at the same time avoiding the technical complexity, infrastructure and personnel costs of setting up their own servers.

How Does it work?

Based upon the highly acclaimed Solr/Lucene open source software, the Best Rank Cloud Search service runs in the Amazon EC2 infrastructure and is highly available and scalable. Best Rank has designed the service so that our customers can easily and painlessly add the power of the Solr/Lucene search features, such as faceting (drill down searching), typo corrections, synonym search, "did you mean" suggestions, etc., but with minimal set up and cost.

Is the search technology any good?

The open source Solr/Lucene search products have been used by many of large scale web sites on the Internet to provide high quality search capabilities, including but not limited to:

  • AOL
  • CNET
  • NASA
  • AT&T
  • Apple
  • Disney
  • eTrade
  • Goldman Sachs

What makes site search great?

Solr’s popularity has been driven by its rich feature set, flexibility, performance and quality of results. The above sites have all learned the power that a positive search experience can create – competitive differentiation, improved site stickiness, traffic and length of time on site as well as to help increase the level of customer satisfaction and user trust.  Additionally, search result pages provide more content pages for the major search engines to consume and can help drive more organic traffic to the site in question.

For a more in-depth look at specific features how site search can be used, see our site search services page.

How much will it cost?

The Best Rank Cloud Search service is available for as low as $30/month and is available for Drupal web sites and e-commerce sites with hundreds/thousands of SKU’s and regular web sites.  Best Rank can also support search for any type of website outside of drupal and e-commerce sites, however custom develop may be needed.

Consistent with the rest of our SEO/SEM services, search is yet another element in a successful strategic web marketing campaign.


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