It’s never too soon to be prepared. Best Rank’s Jason Kreidman will be featured in a Trada webinar next week, entitled Holiday Prep: PPC and SEO. Check out the information below, provided by Trada:

Your competitors are already preparing for the holidays. Will you be able to keep up?

Jason Kreidman from Best Rank and Matt Hessler from Trada will show you how to kick-start your holiday SEM campaign:

  • What you can do to optimize your SEO and PPC – right now!
  • Pre-holiday rush competitive and customer research
  • Scope your project: use data from PPC to determine strategy for SEO
  • Bidding on and integrating SKUs, UPCs and model numbers
  • Landing pages: choose key product categories now and optimize

Join us next Tuesday, August 23 at 12:15PM EDT for the free webinar. 

If you’re not able to make it to the webinar, register anyway! We’ll share the slides, recording, and a guide after the event.



More information:

Holiday Prep: PPC and SEO

Sure, you’re more concerned about getting a sunburn than about holiday shoppers right now. But if you want to compete this holiday season, you need to start preparing your digital marketing campaigns – right away.

Jason Kreidman of Best Rank and Matt Hessler of Trada have teamed up to help you strategize your holiday campaigns for PPC and SEO.

Competitive research

Before you begin, determine the scale and timing of your holiday prep by researching your competitors. Tools like SpyFu can help you learn which keywords they’re targeting and how they’ve optimized their websites. The free Google Trends tool will show you last year’s bumps in click prices for key terms, which can aid you in scoping your project and setting scheduled deadlines.

And good old-fashioned market research will allow you to determine how to position your offers to beat your competitors. Are you price competitive? If so, that may be your edge. But if you’re not able to sell products for less, you will need to find another reason for buyers to choose you. Is it free shipping? Guaranteed delivery? Something creative and exciting?

Build your holiday strategy

Data from PPC can help you determine where and how to allocate effort for your holiday campaigns.

1. To begin, determine which product categories you want to target for the holidays: it may not be realistic to overhaul your entire inventory.

2. Check ad group architecture. Ad groups should be very small and thematically grouped. If certain keywords within an ad group are suffering from poor Quality Score, consider moving them to new ad groups and following Quality Score boosting measures. For ideas, visit the Trada resources page and watch our July 27 webinar How to Score with Quality Score.

3. A/B test your ad copy. You can do this by writing 4 ads for each ad group, with small variances in the calls-to-action, headlines or offers (only one variation per ad). Allow ads to run until you have a solid data set, then look at the click and conversion data. (Rinse and repeat.)

You will quickly learn which messages resonate with your buyers and result in sales.

4. Build out landing pages around your product categories, and include the best-performing messaging from your A/B ad tests in the copy.

5. Now, optimize your landing pages for conversions AND SEO.

Optimize landing pages for SEO and conversions

1. Update description tags. Make them actionable by mentioning pricing, shipping or terms like "best selection"!

2. Include SKUs, model numbers and UPCs in title tags and the landing page copy, and consider bidding on these codes in your PPC campaign. Try adding the SKUs for closely related items in the footer.

3. Try a heatmap tool like Crazyegg to test overall page usability.

What’s next?

These strategies will give you a jump start on your holiday SEM campaign: but there are more opportunities between now and December to win the hearts (and sales) of holiday shoppers. In parts two and three of Trada’s holiday prep series, we’ll go in-depth on landing page optimization and tactical strategies for surviving – and dominating – the holiday onslaught of shoppers.

To subscribe to Trada’s holiday webinar series, click here.

Want more from Jason Kreidman of Best Rank? See/download his 62 Ecommerce SEO Tips right here.


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