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Best Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is an excellent place to earn an extra buck.

At least, if you have an answer to the following question.

What are the best items to sell on the Facebook marketplace? 

Luckily, there are a ton of things you can sell on the Facebook marketplace.

Facebook marketplace selling is all about matching the demand with the items you have at hand.

So, it is a chance to make your garage sale go online. 

All that is left is to get some orientation about what sells on the Facebook marketplace.

Well, you can sell almost anything. 

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook marketplace is a part of the Facebook platform.

Anyone can access it and use it to find products or sell them.

While it is a selling platform, there are some constraints about what you can sell online. 

The platform allows you almost any physical commodity.

However, you are unable to sell drugs, prescriptions, and similar products.

Also, there is no possibility to sell services.

Luckily, there are a bunch of other products you can sell through the Facebook marketplace. 

Another advantage of the Facebook marketplace is that you can do everything from your account.

There are no additional expenses when you use the platform for selling.

You go online, visit the Facebook platform and start selling. 

Of course, you may wonder what are the best items to sell on the Facebook marketplace?

Well, Facebook marketplace selling works best for those who have the innate ability to trade.  

Why You Should Sell on Facebook Marketplace? 

The Facebook marketplace has so much to offer you.

It takes a glance at your home to determine what sells well on the Facebook marketplace. 

The best things to sell on the Facebook marketplace are commodities you need in everyday life.

For example, if you have an old sofa, you can sell it on the platform.

A new sofa may be too expensive for some people to buy.

But, buying a used piece of furniture may be affordable for many people. 

And, you can reach those people through the platform in a matter of seconds. Then, you can arrange the sale and the shipping of the product. After that, you get the funds into your account, and the sales process is over. 

Thus, the reason to sell on the Facebook marketplace is that it is an effective way to trade commodities. Some people use it to take their garage sale online, while others use it for their trading operation.  

How to Sell Products at Facebook Marketplace? 

How to Sell Products at Facebook Marketplace? 

Now, it is time to learn how to sell on the platform. All you have to do is visit the Facebook platform and decide whether you want to buy or sell. If you want to buy, select the categories and search for products to buy. 

However, if you want to sell, the process is somewhat different.

Again, you go to the Facebook marketplace and click on the option “sell something”.

Then, the new window appears allowing you to add items for sale. 

Adding the items is a straightforward process.

You can add categories, descriptions, and images to help potential buyers find the product. Once you fill in the product information, post the product info on the marketplace. 

You can even share it in the relevant groups. From then on, all that is left is for users to find the products and purchase them.  

Best Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace?

Now, you have some introduction to Facebook marketplace selling. Yet, you may still wonder what sells well on the Facebook marketplace? 

The answer may seem almost mystical.

The best items to sell on the Facebook marketplace are those you are familiar with, and who you love to use.

Think about all the possible things to sell on the Facebook marketplace.

There are dozens of products users may search and browse in a single day.

But, they want to buy from sellers that have quality products and a standing reputation.

And, they want to inquire about the products and talk to you before the purchase.

Thus, it works in your favor to sell them things you know about but doesn’t need anymore. 

Thus, you want to look at things people need in everyday life.

If you are still unaware of such products, think about the following selection of products. 


flipping furniture on Facebook

Look no further than furniture.

Furniture is something all households need. Whether you live in a studio or two-bedroom apartment, chances are you need furniture. 

Furniture may include: 

  • Beds 
  • Chairs
  • Sofas
  • Tables
  • Desks
  • Dressers 
  • Bookcases
  • Futons
  • Coffee tables 
  • Stools
  • Patio furniture 
  • Stands 

Each piece of furniture may vary in size.

So, some users may look for a king-size bed, while others may look for a kids’ bed.

Thus, you can sell furniture of any size, as long as you properly advertise your offer. 

Also, the value of furniture increases with the quality of the furniture.

If you want to earn more money, make sure that that furniture is in mint condition.  

You can also start a business flipping furniture for profit, and make a living out of it.

Brand Clothing 

Brand clothing is another popular set of items. Buying new branded clothing may be quite expensive.

So, users may look for pieces of clothing that are in excellent condition and more affordable. Among these items, you may search for: 

  • Shirts 
  • Caps 
  • Suits 
  • Pants 
  • Designer pieces 

There are two kinds of branded clothing, clothes from popular brands and designer pieces.

Branded clothing may include anything from a Supreme shirt to a Louis Vuitton belt.

However, designer pieces include rare and limited clothes that are out of stock.

Trading clothing requires that you can advertise well and be responsive to the buyers. If that fits with your character, give it a try.  

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Cars are another commodity you can trade on the Facebook marketplace.

While that may seem like something unusual, it is rather popular on the platform.

You can trade any car, with the newest models and old-timers being the most popular cars to sell. 

Of course, there is a high demand for affordable cars.

Users trade cars daily as they are looking to pay less for their new transport.

Facebook marketplace is an excellent thing if you know how to flip cars

Then, it may be a perfect way to get another channel to flip cars. While it may seem like an interesting idea, selling cars takes know-how and sales skills.  


Toys are an extremely popular commodity to sell on the platform. There is a high demand for toys at all times, and they are rather popular products. 

The advantage of toys is that various models are depending on the age of the child.

Children of all ages use toys.

And toys may differ in their shape and purpose. So, you can target various users depending on their needs for toys. 

If you have some toys lying around, try to sell them on the platform. It would take a few days before you sell them all.  


Books are another hot commodity to sell on the platform. As a commodity, there are dozens of different books that you can sell on the Facebook marketplace. Some of the books you can sell are: 

  • Classics 
  • Novels 
  • Poetry books 
  • Paperbacks 
  • Rare books 
  • Antique editions
  • Textbooks 
  • College books
  • School books 
  • Children books 
  • Manuals 
  • Whitepapers 
  • Reports 
  • Author books 

Thus, you can sell different books online.

Most users list they sell books because they are unable to store them anymore.

However, you can also make a business selling books if you can effectively trade them. 

Make sure to go online and get in contact with potential buyers. It pays off to stay proactive.  


selling electronics on Facebook marketplace

Electronics are another popular commodity.

As a category, electronics include a variety of products from digital cameras to gaming systems.

When users look for electronics, they may look for: 

  • Digital cameras
  • Camcorders
  • Computers
  • Video game consoles 
  • Mobile devices 

So, if you set on home electronics, you look at a variety of products. Make sure to do the research and look for sellers and products in your area. 

Other than that, you can make a lot of money if you can get a constant stream of goods to sell.

For starters, specialize in a particular set of products.

Baby Gear

Baby gear is similar to toys.

There is an insane demand for baby gear products, and you can sell them at any time.

Another advantage of baby gear is that users are willing to buy any products of decent quality. 

So, selling baby gear can work for a person that wants to relieve their space of unnecessary items.

And, it can work for a seller that wants to target new parents and build an operation selling baby gear. 

Do the research and find the best performers in the category.

Stock up the baby gear and start selling on the platform.  


Another interesting category is lighting products. Often, these products are bigger than a lightbulb.

And, they include lighting objects such as ring lights. 

The trick to selling lighting products is that it is a niche product category.

Users that look for lighting are digital photographers, videographers, models, and influencers.

In general, these people work with images and video and want to improve the work environment. 

Of course, users also look for lighting for their homes.

So, it all depends upon how many products you want to sell and your stock.  

Home Appliances 

Home appliances are another popular category of products.

Almost everyone needs home appliances, and buying them on the platform makes them affordable.

When people search for home appliances, they search for: 

  • Toasters 
  • Coffee brewers 
  • Juicers 
  • Blenders
  • Cookers
  • Microwave 
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer 

The advantage of selling home appliances is that there are a lot of products to sell.

You can broaden your categories or niche down. In any case, you have many options to make the Facebook marketplace work for you. 

Ensure that home appliances are operational. Avoid selling broken products and build trust with your buyers. Reputation means everything. 


Crafts are excellent products to sell if you have advertising skills.

It is a product type that you can create and share with the users on the platform.

However, the tricky part is that you need to make your products accessible to the users. 

Here, you have to be realistic.

Research the popular crafts and see if your craft fits in that category. That may depend on your location and the product.

Of course, if you already have a craft, try to sell it on the Facebook marketplace. 

Potentially, selling crafts can be quite profitable. That is if you know how to market and reach your potential buyers. 

Here’s a list of crafts that make money.


Collectibles can be quite profitable if you have a stock of products.

As a product, collectibles are always in demand.

Users looking for collectibles want rare items in decent condition that they may search for years. These items include: 

  • Comic books
  • Books
  • Movie posters
  • Toys
  • Models 
  • Cards 
  • Lunchboxes
  • Films 

Fans want collectibles.

So, if you were a fan before, you know how valuable these items may be in their eyes.

Find products that you can sell without remorse. 

The advantage of selling collectibles is that you can make a lot of money for a single product. However, it is a one-time deal, so make it worth the sale. 

Pet Supplies 

Finally, you can sell pet supplies.

These may include all products that your pets need for their stay at your home.

Also, it includes all items for any animal you can have as a pet in your home. 

Here, there are two strategies to consider.

The first strategy is to sell pet supplies for common animals like cats and dogs.

These products are available everywhere, and you can trade and ship them fast to earn money. 

The second strategy is to sell pet supplies for rare animals.

These may include supplies for birds, reptiles, foxes, and smaller mammals.

Products in this category are more expensive, and you can make them more accessible to buyers. 

And, these are the products that fare well on the Facebook marketplace. Give them a try. 

Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace 

Selling on Facebook Marketplace is like a journey. You can get out of it as much as you invest in the platform. 

You can sell as a one-time deal to relieve your space of excess products. But, you can also try and create a sales channel for your e-commerce operation. 

It all comes down to what you think you can achieve with the platform. In both cases, give it a try.