What Are The Best WordPress Plugins You Need?

What Are The Best WordPress Plugins You Need?

As the most commonly used content management system (CMS) in the world, WordPress must always meet users’ ever-increasing demands.

The average user wants things to work fast and well. A WordPress site runs via plugins and themes, some of which ensure fast response times.

Others help with things like inventory management and media optimization. Here are all the details you need. 


This plugin is excellent for managing inventory. It synchronizes online stores with Amazon and eBay accounts, so your future customers will always see current item lists. The plugin can predict demand, so you know what products to stock up on. 

Veeqo also issues automatic refunds when a customer returns an item, which is bound to happen. 

Envira Gallery

Envira is a must-have for creative types who want to sell products through a WordPress site. It’s a handy tool because WordPress’ image processing capacity isn’t all that impressive. 

You can use the tool to create enticing media, including videos and images, to get website visitors to buy from you. 

The plugin also disables the option to save files to protect your images. It was developed precisely with artists in mind. 

W3 Total Cache 

If your WordPress site is popular or you want it to become popular, it is or will be getting thousands of queries a day. This caching plugin reduces page load time by storing the most common queries, which occur when someone accesses a page on your site. This way, the server doesn’t need to repeat them whenever they occur, and the sections open at once. 

The caching modes are object, browser, and lazy load. Object cache reduces page load time and the number of queries. If your server supports Memcached or Redis, active object cashing will improve the speed. 

Browser cache is a default cache function. This mode sets an optimal caching time limit. A long caching period can slow the site down immensely. 

Finally, lazy load cuts down on time to load pages rich in images, which is a great way to speed up your WordPress site. It loads only the page the visitor can see. Lazy load runs in Mozilla and Chrome automatically. 


OptinMonster is a plugin used to generate leads. It’s of paramount importance for bloggers who want to grow their email subscriber list and increase their page views.

If you add this plugin to your e-commerce store on WordPress, it will cut down on incidences of abandoned carts, leading to quicker conversions. OptinMonster also lets you create targeted online marketing campaigns.

Super Minify 

Super Minify is capable of compressing, combining, and cashing JavaScript and CSS files. When you install it, it will assess these file types automatically and eliminate extra lines, spaces, and characters from them. 

Yoast SEO

This is one plugin you’ve almost certainly heard of – it’s probably the best-known WordPress plugin in the world. 

Every website owner or manager wants catchy and meaningful content. Yoast performs search engine optimization by highlighting the most popular keywords and tags. It’s a must-have as the higher a site ranks, the more sales it will potentially generate. 


Having well-optimized content is a good start, but you need appealing images as well. In addition to the other image-related plugins on this list, installing Smush is an effort worth making. It can compress HD images without ruining their quality.

Smush can erase idle colors and needless metadata and process up to 50 images at once. It can support every image format.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a multifunctional plugin that speeds up image loading time, reduces java scripts, and compresses content. It has an integration with Google Analytics, Direct Cloudflare, and other one-of-a-kind features besides the above functions.

Direct Cloudflare ensures fast loading times from different locations. Google Analytics moves analytics code to the bottom to speed up your website. 


Last but not least, Perfmatters scans sites for superfluous default options that can impact performance negatively. It also disables scripts on the page to do away with unnecessary HTTP requests to the server.

If you install this plugin, your site will never stall. This is because it reduces the number of requests sent to the server to perform certain tasks. It also optimizes CPU usage.