Let me just say, it was a thrill to attend Blog World Expo 2010. With an endless amount of sessions and networking, it was great to be surrounded by such brilliant people. With an all-star cast of bloggers and marketers, I was looking forward to the monetization super panel for quite some time. I was not let down. I’ve listed an overview of my notes taken when attending the monetizing your blog session with speakers: Jeremy Schoemaker, Anita Campbell, Darren Rowse, John Chow.

Jeremy Schoemaker

This brilliant blogger needs no introduction, he owns the highly popular blog Shoemoney.com in which he gives free information on making money online. During his part of the panel, Jeremy gave an overview of his experience working as a full-time blogger. He wasn’t shy to show his revenue numbers for the last 4 years, and give tips on how he achieved this level of authority. In 2010, he’s made $1.8 million to date, with a great percentage of this revenue coming from affiliate marketing. I’ve never had success with affiliate marketing, but if its done correctly you can make loads of cash.

He expressed how important it was to acquire your readers’ email addresses, as this will be your main provider of cashflow. He said the easiest way to get someone’s email is to simply ask for it. As seen in the screenshot below, he uses a footer subscription box overlay to gather emails. Enticing people to sign up with a free incentive is a great way to get that email.

John Chow

John Chow is also a full-time blogger giving advice on making money online. He showed us how to have an ad-free blog but still make money! Just as Jeremy said, he emphasized how important it was to capture that lead! Get the lead first, and RSS, Twitter, Facebook secondary. He uses a one-time Lightbox Popup (displayed below) and the Ultimate Footer Ad to collect leads. Send a series of emails, build a relationship, send the lead through a sales funnel, then recommend products. Don’t sell!

Anita Campbell

Anita runs Small Biz Trends where she covers business trends, news, and gives advice for business owners. Her site uses the traditional publisher format, making most of her money using the CPM advertising model. She discuss the most popular ad sizes (125×125, 460×68, 300×250, 160×600), and where you should incorporate them on your blog. She expressed how important it was to treat her advertisers like clients, always have positive lines of communication, and work with clients daily to improve their campaigns. She schedules weekly 30-minute conference calls to give client updates and discuss ways to improve their campaign. 

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Darren Rowse

During his time on the panel, Darren showed a case study of his Digital Photography Blog which is about 3-4 times larger than his website ProBlogger.net. He generates revenue for Digital-photography-school.com by creating products’ recaps and reviews. For example, he’ll create a list of the most popular cameras for November 2010 with Amazon affiliate links to all the products he reviewed. Since he’s built a huge following with 510,000+ subscribers, 33,000+ twitter followers, and thousands of active community members, he can easily generate revenue from these blog posts.


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