You want to start a blog, but you’re not sure if you should setup your blog on your current website (say, as a sub directory of your main site) or as a completely separate domain ( There isn’t a “one-line” answer for this question so I will help explain the business implications behind both strategies.

“If you want to use the blog for something which complements the rest of your website, such as an FAQ section or an online media centre, then integrating it in the website is ideal, as it will re-inforce and support all your company’s activities. If, on the other hand, the blog needs to present you as an independent source of information and advice, then you would be better to distance it from your website, so that you can be seen as objective in this role rather than as part of the company which has interests in the area.”

Better Business Blogging has a great article on the subject and I encourage you to read up.  The idea is if you place a blog on your site as a directory then you’ll add more pages into the search index for your domain.  If you create your blog as a subdomain of your main domain then you have two separate websites, neither self re-enforcing the other’s ranking authority.  For most businesses I’d recommend sticking with a blog on their domain rather than the subdomain approach.


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