Business On Instagram: The Secrets Of A Selling Profile

Business On Instagram: The Secrets Of A Selling Profile

Business on Instagram is easy! Just create an account and launch ads from time to time. 

As if! In fact, starting your own business on Instagram is the same as starting any other business from scratch.

That is, before the start, it is necessary to think through the smallest details, starting from the idea and ending with the promotion.

Moreover, it is necessary to build a system in such a way that Instagram algorithms work for your benefit and attract more and more audience to your profile.

It is also important to maintain a selling profile. How to do it? We’ll tell you below.

Quality visual part 

The visual is necessary and important for success if your product is chosen and bought not for technical or practical characteristics. For example, clothing, jewelry, accessories. 80-90% of success will depend on how beautifully the product is displayed and whether the photo or video with it causes a wow effect in the potential buyer.

Let’s say you have your own flower shop. Look at the high-quality visuals of the DJflowers company. They post on Instagram beautiful photos of bunch of roses, floral arrangements, various bouquets of flowers, flower compositions for the birth of a child, and so on. One just wants to order something after looking at the photo.

Publishing useful content

Yes, funny life situations and just cool photos are important, but useful content is an integral part of selling Instagram account. Show your expertise so that people trust you.

Tell in simple terms about your business, interesting processes or complex products. Share life hacks – tricks that are available only to experts. Share reviews, score opinions. Communicate to your audience all the changes that are taking place and don’t be afraid to express your own opinion.

Reels publication

Reels is a feature for posting short videos on Instagram. It organically increases reach and helps attract new subscribers. Your Reels can be seen by any Instagram user. For ordinary users, Reels on Instagram are just entertainment content. And for businesses, Instagram Reels is a new way to attract and engage customers.

Interaction with the audience

If you have attracted live users and interested them in your product, this is only part of the story. Now you need to interact with the audience. And your task is to increase the reach (the number of likes, views and comments). You can increase activity in many ways:

  • Dialog. Ask the opinion of users about any event, about your company or product;
  • stories. Show the workflow or innovations, conduct a survey, wish you a good day, etc.;
  • Geotags and hashtags. Attract attention with geolocation or show subscribers that you are on the same wavelength;
  • Live. Show subscribers what your office looks like, how a service is provided, how a product is made, etc.
  • Contests. Reward subscribers for spreading the word about you. And do not forget that without proper promotion of the contest on Instagram, you may lose potential, live subscribers.
  • Direct. Don’t ignore messages, be polite and try to respond quickly. Automate the answer to standard questions like “How much does it cost?” Chatbot on Instagram will help.

Make adjustments

It may happen that the results of doing business on Instagram are not impressive. And this means that you need to make adjustments to your original plan. First of all, pay attention to the following areas:

  • Audience. If another target audience is also interested in your product, interact with it differently than with the original one;
  • Positioning. Think about whether users don’t like the presentation of information or the appearance of the account;
  • Promotion methods. You can cut costs in inefficient ways;
  • Content. Reconsider your view of the content (type of information) and profile design;
  • Employees. Some functions can be outsourced if you can’t handle it yourself.

And remember, it is constant analysis that will allow you to make timely adjustments to your business development strategy. This will directly affect your costs and income.

Wrap up

You have already understood that such a process as running a business on Instagram is no less time-consuming than a traditional type of business. A good income can be obtained only if your account is in demand, and in this case, the “rules” for maintaining a profile say – it must be promoted.

And don’t forget that the results of the promotion need to be analyzed and timely adjustments made to it. This will save your advertising budget.