Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and you’re in the office reflecting on whether or not you should organize your desk to begin a fresh start.

As you breathe in a sigh of relief after cleaning your desk, you sit back pondering your work efforts over the past year. That feeling of bliss diminishes and you’re in panic mode! How do you sift through your efforts of this past year? Your brow is furrowed and it could be the fluorescent lighting or the reflection of the computer screen – OR it could be the realization that you don’t know where your company has been mentioned out in cyberspace!

Never fear, here are some tips to gather up those brand mentions you may have forgotten about or the ones that you may have missed.

1. Look Back Through Outreach Lists

That infographic or whitepaper was outreached with and you thought “DONE!” Well, not quite. People may not respond initially or they won’t respond at all but still decide to share your infographic, whitepaper, press release, or other piece of content.

The Web can have a domino effect and sometimes you get coverage without a response. It’s important to do a yearly audit and go back through your marketing campaigns and see if there was even more coverage. Chances are that someone published your content without letting you know about it.

Go back through your outreach lists you were working off of and double check if they had promoted your company’s work. It doesn’t hurt to follow up if the content isn’t old news. Better yet if they did share your graphic or news- ask for them to link to your company website as a source if they haven’t already.

2. Implement a Tool for Tracking Brand Mentions

There are many tools out there to actually track brand mentions and it is highly recommended you use one. This will prevent running into the same problem a year later where you are a deer in the headlights wondering if your marketing campaign was successful in gaining brand mentions or not.

There are paid tools such as Fresh Web Explorer, Ahrefs, and GroupHigh, as well as free tools — which are limited in results — but are still helpful in covering some bases, such as socialmention and Meltwater IceRocket.

3. Run a Backlink Report

A backlink report may sound time consuming, but it is very helpful in finding those who actually linked back to your company website. You can compare the number of backlinks from certain time periods so you can tell if you gained more in the past year.

You can also sort the backlink report to find the links that are ranked highest and deemed a higher power and trust score.

4. Google Search

This may seem like an “old school” method, but setting up Google Alerts and using Google Search are still great options to find some of that hidden coverage. Of course if your company is a bigger site, sifting through a multitude of results may be daunting – however, at least setting up Google Alerts for the approaching year is a good start.

Set up a filter in your email account so Google alerts are gathered up in a folder and choose a preference on daily or weekly alerts. You also may want to consider setting up an alert for keywords you want your company to rank for so that you can see what types of content are gaining traction.

Brand mentions are extremely beneficial to marketing efforts. Not only will it help with brand exposure, but it can also help with building up your trust with Google so your website is seen as an authoritative source.

Don’t let brand mentions be overwhelming. Get to that Spring cleaning and find that coverage you missed out on!

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