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Enhanced user experience using tracking data to increase overall conversions rates

Prior to engaging Main Path, Dynapar had worked with two other marketing agencies. They tasked those agencies with managing their PPC campaigns; however, neither agency was able to generate the ROI they were looking for and were not as hands-on or transparent as they would have liked. So Dynapar came to Main Path for their third and final attempt at making their PPC campaigns a success.


Main Path Enters the Picture


We began by restructuring Dynapar’s Google AdWords campaign. This included implementing conversion tracking of form fills, newsletter signups and whitepaper downloads in order to measure the success of each of these conversion points. We then used that data to make improvements that would enhance user experience and increase overall conversion rates.

Strategy Highlights

  • Building out several related ad groups, combined with a high percentage of exact and phrase match keywords.
  • Creating dynamic ad copy with relative keywords and distinct calls to action.
  • Integrating call tracking and analytics using an advanced call tracking platform.
  • Enhancing their PPC success by launching a remarketing campaign with custom display ads.


The fresh campaign and conversion tracking strategy allowed us to optimize the campaign performance and make continuous improvements based on actual data. The campaign quickly led to a significant reduction in cost-per-lead and within one year the company saw the following results:

  • 31% reduction in Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • 227% reduction in Cost-Per-Lead (CPA)
  • 67% increase in Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • 23% increase in average ad position

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