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77% increase in organic traffic year over year, as well as a 35% increase in conversions via form-fill.

Halo, the leading provider of global supply chain intelligence solutions, recognized that by drastically increasing their conversion rate, they could take their business to the next level.

Halo’s website provided an opportunity to make changes that would enhance their user’s experience and optimize their site for search engines. In addition, Halo’s high-quality content had the potential to draw in their target audience through placement on authoritative, third-party sites. However, with limited internal resources, Halo felt compelled to seek assistance from an outside digital marketing expert.


Main Path Enters the Picture

Halo logo

Main Path Marketing took over as Halo’s digital marketing agency in November of 2014. A dedicated Marketing Executive worked with the client to craft a digital marketing strategy that involved dynamic content marketing and outreach, as well as comprehensive on-site optimization.

Main Path aimed to increase the number of quality links pointing back to the client’s site, to establish their credibility on third-party platforms, and ensure their website was picked up by search engines.

Strategy highlights:

  • Produced and distributed graphic-based content such as e-books and infographics on trending topics related to supply chain management, and technology in business.
  • Generated social shares, mentions on LinkedIn, and content placement on well-established sites such as Business.com, SupplyChainBrain, EBN, Material Handling & Logistics, Data Science Central, and more.
  • Transformed the on-site call-to-actions (CTAs) by altering the colors, verbiage, and more.
  • Optimized and rewrote on-site content using keyword and metadata research.


Main Path’s ability to reach the client’s target markets with relevant and engaging content, drive that audience back to the client’s site, and encourage them to fill out a call-to-action, made for a strong and powerful campaign.

Halo saw a 77% increase in organic traffic year over year, as well as a 35% increase in conversions via form-fill.

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