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Fresh Design, Content, and Strategy Result in 10x the Number of Transactions

Injinji, the original performance toesock manufacturer, felt confident about their product and wanted to receive a higher return on investment (ROI). Injinji’s performance toesocks naturally attracted customers, but with an optimized website, a strategic PPC campaign, and an established presence on social media they could maximize the number of customers they reached. With great organic traffic but limited internal resources to see that traffic grow, Injinji realized it was time to partner with an outside digital marketing expert.


Main Path Enters the Picture

injinjiMain Path took over as Injinji’s digital marketing agency in June of 2013. A dedicated Marketing Executive worked with Injinji to craft a digital marketing strategy that involved redesigning and rebuilding their website, developing a PPC campaign, optimizing their on-site content with unique and compelling copy, and creating a robust and ongoing content marketing strategy. Several of those strategy highlights include:

Strategy Highlights

  • Conducted on-site technical SEO optimization through use of title tags, meta descriptions, H1, and quality content.
  • Performed product outreach through identifying and connecting with influencers, offering, and promoting through social media.
  • Carried out in-depth website analysis to rebuild and redesign the site for increased CRO.
  • Produced and distributed blog posts and infographics through strategic, authoritative websites channels.


Main Path’s ability to identify and reach the client’s target markets with a user-friendly website, quality content, and an effective PPC strategy made for a powerful campaign.

Within one year, Injinji saw the following results:

  • 55.43% increase in total traffic
  • 965.87% increase in total revenue
  • 1,004% increase in total number of transactions
  • 610% increase in e-commerce conversion rates

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