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95% increase in non-branded organic traffic & 103% improvement in form fill conversions

The Aramco Group, a leading provider of mortgage and real estate services for homeowners in San Diego, knew that there was a potential to optimize the large amount of traffic their website was receiving. They identified that this enhancement would be possible by increasing their local traffic and targeting higher quality leads.

While the company had limited resources to tackle this digital marketing predicament, they knew that website optimization was key to creating a stronger local search presence. That’s when they turned to Main Path.


Main Path Enters the Picture

aramgo-groupMain Path took over as ARAMCO’s digital marketing agency in May of 2013.

A dedicated Marketing Executive worked with The Aramco Group to develop an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy. The campaign involved efforts connected to SEO best practices, high-quality on-site content, and metadata descriptions.

Strategy Highlights

  • Built over 25 citations (business listings on niche directories) that included Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website information to boost local SEO.
  • Conducted Visual Website Optimizer A/B form testing to make site appearance decisions that would increase CRO.
  • Created an e-mail review template to help solicit reviews on the client’s Google+ profile.
  • Developed a combination of over 50 e-blasts, blog posts, pages of on-site content, press releases, infographics, and slideshows to support a strong content marketing campaign.


Main Path’s ability to increase search rankings, drive traffic, boost conversions, and support ongoing content creation and distribution, made for a powerful digital marketing strategy. In just over a year, the saw the following results:

  • 95% increase in non-branded organic website traffic
  • 103% improvement in their form fill conversions

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