The old adage that content is king still applies in the world of SEO. True, a balanced combination of link building, social networking, and promotion are all crucial to search engine rankings and site traffic. But if all your promotion and link building efforts don’t lead back to relevant, high-quality content, they aren’t worth much.

Want proof of the importance of content to search engines? Google (as well as Yahoo and MSN) enforces a strict Duplicate Content Penalty to keep sites from creating thousands of pages with the same content. If it’s important enough to be penalized by search engines, it should be important to site owners.

If Google’s main objective is to serve up relevant, useful results for a visitor’s search query, it only makes sense that having good content will go a long way in helping to improve rankings.

Of course, depending on what niche your site operates in, content can be more or less important when compared to another site. For example, because they don’t have the luxury of short product descriptions to get their point across, informational/ educational websites will rely more heavily on longer, high-quality content than a commercial website focused on listing product images, prices, etc. All sites, however, should employ some form of content to add value and build trust with search engines.

At Best Rank, we have seen first hand the impact that developing good content can have on a site’s search engine rankings, traffic, and backlink numbers. For a couple of new clients, we started off by focusing solely on creating good landing page copy in hopes of gaining some natural backlinks. Below is a screen shot of the rankings for one of our clients one month after creating relevant, high-quality content on their site. These ranking results were achieved without any direct link-building efforts.

We have also seen an increase in traffic for the same client:

For an SEO company, this information is helpful in determining where to focus our efforts at certain stages to build a successful campaign. For webmasters and site owners, it should serve as a reminder that there really is no substitution for well-written, highly relevant page copy.


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