Quality website content is still second to none. This is not a new theory, nor is it the panacea for all your website ills. It is, however, the backbone of any good website. The current state of the internet has empowered consumers more than ever. People have the power to switch to whatever site they want with a simple flick of the wrist. People don’t want to see a website stuffed with ads, they don’t want to see a bunch of pop-ups, and they sure as hell don’t want to give their e-mail address in exchange for accessing website information. Consumers don’t seek out webpages chock full of advertisements or useless content, they seek out webpages with the information that they are looking for. If they don’t find it on one page, then you can rest assured that they will find it on a competitors site.

What is it that people want? They want good, well written, quality information! As a website owner, you must think like a consumer and you must be a marketer. You have to ask yourself, what would the consumer want to see/read before they make the decision to purchase? Then, you give it to them! Give it all to them! For free! That’s right…give them the information they are craving and don’t ask for a thing in return. If this is done correctly, then the probability that they will purchase from you goes up exponentially.

John Reese wrote a great paper on this topic, click here for full article. He poses a new theory that if your website is not making the lives of those people visiting it better, then the site is not doing an adequate job. So, ask yourself, does my website make anyone’s life better? If not, then you need to adjust your website strategy. John goes on further to hypothesize that content in no longer King, but now it is Kong. What that means, I’m not quite sure, but it’s a powerful message because I think Kong could kick the crap out of King.

In an article, written by Mark Jackson, ‘The Golden Rule of SEO: Content is King’, he gives three reasons why well written content is important.

* It engages the reader
* It increases search engine rankings and traffic
* It promotes the likelihood of quality links from other sites

These reasons should really come as no surprise. But it never hurts to remember the reasons why we need to spend so much time and effort on quality content.

So, which is it…King or Kong? I think content is King Kong and the internet is the Empire State Building. Content is the 8000 lb. gorilla hanging from the rafters and swatting down bi-planes like mosquitoes. All hail the great King Kong….he won’t be dethroned anytime soon.


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