In November of last year, Google announced some cool new features in Adwords.  These new features allow advertisers to provide searchers with a more in-depth look at their products or services through images, descriptions, pricing, etc.  The best thing- all of the features reside within the ads themselves, which help to enhance advertisers existing PPC efforts

Currently, these new features aren’t available to everyone- there are certain requirements that have to be met before advertisers can access these features.  For those advertisers with access to the new features, they can be a great way to capture more clicks, and ultimately, more conversions.  Below is an overview of Google’s new Adwords features and how to access them.

  1. Sitelinks
    This feature allows up to 4 additional links to display just below your ad copy.  In order to qualify for this Adwords feature, advertisers must meet certain qualifications.  Most notably, the ad in question must be showing in the top paid spot for a particular keyword to qualify.  This feature will most often be available to advertisers who have brand-focused campaigns, as these are the most likely to consistenly rank in the #1 position.  To find out if you meet the criteria to utilize Sitelinks, go to ‘Ad Groups>Settings>Networks, Devices, etc.’


  2. Product Extensions
    The Producy Extensions feature products a drop-down expansion box below your ad, which reveals individual product images, desriptions, and pricing.  These additional products also link back to the corresponding product page on your site, effectively adding several more opportunities for users to reach your site via your Adwords ad.  To utilize this feature, advertisers must have a Google Merchant Center account and have a product feed submitted.  Google will choose which products to feature below your ad copy based on the search query and what is included in your product feed.  You can access this feature in the same location as the Sitelinks feature.  There, you will be asked to enter your Merchant Center ID so that Google can access the information.


  3. Product Listings
    This feature requires that advertisers be part of Google’s Affiliate Network.  Advertisers must also be using Google’s Affiliate Network Conversion Tracking.  The Product Listing Feature allows for product images, descriptions, pricing, etc. to appear in the paid search results- no additional ad copy or keywords are necessary.  The product info is pulled directly from an advertisers Google Merchant Center product feed (the same way the Product Extensions feature does).  A major plus of Product Listings is that advertisers are only charged when a searcher clicks on their product AND makes a purchase, which makes it a risk-free advertising tool.  The Product Listings feature is currently still in beta, so it is not available to all advertisers just yet.



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