7 Corporate Giveaway Ideas That Can Last a Long Time

Best Corporate Giveaway Ideas

Corporate gifting is a long and proven method of engaging with customers, prospective clients, suppliers, business partners, and even the organization’s employees.

There’s nothing like the smile the recipients will have on their faces when they receive a little surprise from the company they may have been supporting for the longest time.

Because corporate gifting is a tried-and-tested outreach and marketing method, it’s not surprising how many enterprises out there have been practicing it for so long.

With that, you’re left asking yourself, what else can you give that your competitors haven’t?

What other options are there, that are a far cry away from the usual, flimsy, and single-use gifts that many companies still make the mistake of giving?

You can level up your company’s corporate giveaways with these gift ideas that can last a long time:

A Good Quality Water Bottle

If you have quite a generous budget set aside for your corporate gifts, then water bottles are always going to be a no-fail.

But, don’t just go for any type of water bottle. Opt for better-quality ones instead, so that they’re going to be more long-lasting. 

Good quality water bottles can be expensive when you buy them per piece.

But, if you buy in bulk from reliable suppliers and manufacturers, you may be eligible for more generous discounts and offers.

It’ll be worth the cost when your water bottles get used over and over again.

Coffee Cup & Mugs

Coffee cups and mugs are quite predictable corporate gifts with quite a lot of businesses giving both dishes as their gift of choice.

While quite common, this isn’t to say that they’re less effective compared to their peers.

Coffee cups and mugs always work consistently to be good corporate gifts for the reason that they’re simply effective at the marketing function they do.

Have your coffee mugs printed with your logo by a trusted supplier like printful.com/print-on-demand.

Whenever it sits on the desk of the user, others around them see your logo. 

Because mugs and coffee cups are very functional gifts, you’re certain that they’ll last longer and be of good use to the receiver.

Small Plants

For as long as the plants are well taken care of, you have that guarantee that they’re going to last long.

There seems to be no stopping this whole plant craze, so take advantage of that by gifting plants as your corporate gifts.

It’s special and unique, and it’s a living thing! How often can one say they’ve actually received a plant as a corporate gift?


Corporate Giveaway Ideas

Depending on how often the notebook is going to be used, it’s another gift that’ll last the client a long time until that last page is already used up.

Skip the sticky notes and cheap notebooks.

Go for something more sophisticated like planners and journals that are hard-bound in cardboard or, if the budget permits it, leather for an added touch of luxury. 

Personalized Luggage Tags

If you’re in the travel niche or industry, then personalized luggage tags will be a good gifting idea.

You know that the luggage tags are going to be very useful, particularly for frequent travelers.

Plus, it’s one of those small gifts which you know you need, but that you may not actually really think about getting for yourself.

Luggage tags are always thoughtful gifts that save the recipient the hassle of getting one for the next time they go out on a trip. 

Portable Chargers Or Power Banks

Here’s another useful item on the list: portable chargers or power banks. Offer your clients or suppliers a branded device that allows universal cords for the next time you send a corporate gift.

Some power banks come with added powerful features like charging, light-emitting diode (LED) flashlights, and wireless charging, to name a few.

This gift may be on the pricier side, but everyone surely needs a charger.

Every time they pop out their power bank to use it, they remember your enterprise through your logo and branding.

Desk Calendars

Here’s something that’ll last the receiver at least a year (literally!): a desk calendar.

Make sure to have your company logo printed on every page that displays a new month so that you’re maximizing your client visibility.

It’s an effective marketing tactic when, after every time a patron walks in, they get to see your logo on the desk calendar.

If you have the time to make it even more personal (such as when you aren’t giving calendars to too many clients), why not personalize it?

Doing so is a nice, sweet, added touch to what would’ve otherwise been a plain and simple calendar.


If you’re looking for the best corporate and client gifts to hand out for 2022, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

The list above holds only a few of the many gifts you can shower your suppliers, business partners, and even your clients with. 

Because you’re going to be spending money on the purchase of your corporate gifts, you’ll want them to be long-lasting.

They won’t serve their intended purpose when, right after receiving the gifts, the recipients won’t even be able to use them.

Stick to long-lasting and high-quality gifts that’ll serve their purpose for a longer time.