Hi there Best Rankers, thought I’d share a few CSS tips and tricks today.  I know, I know, CSS is one of those things hated by many developers who work server side… but is a modern web technology and does help to know a little bit about the subject, especially if you’re developing websites like we are!  I’ve actually grown to really like CSS and found it quite powerful when it comes to creating the front-facing, user end portion of websites.

Here are some nice tidbits of CSS that might help with your everyday coding:

CSS positioning

Positioning your divs is pretty important, if you can understand the difference between relative and absolute positioning then you are half way there.  Here’s a really nice example that explains the concept of CSS positioning pretty nicely:

Here’s a little more on page layout rules 

Display Rules

Knowing the difference bewtween inline and block is key and has helped me out on several projects in the past

Specificity Rules

Specificity of css rules – you may not know this but CSS has a pecking order when it comes to deciding which rule takes precedence over another.  These rules are worth looking at:


And here’s a good comprehensive list of css rules

Menu tutorial – Here’s a good example of creating an actual CSS based menu, good to know all of these rules in and out

OK and now back to my CSS… and non-CSS web dev work!


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