Developing Your Marketing Strategy: A How-To Guide

Developing your marketing strategy

For any form of marketing or advertising to be effective, it needs to have a well thought out strategy behind it.

Having a good marketing strategy in place allows you to define goals for your business and provide you with the metrics by which to measure its success.

Your marketing strategy has far-reaching effects on your business which is why it is important that you get your marketing strategy right.

Read on to learn more about developing an effective marketing strategy.

The Role of a Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy encompasses a lot of different things.

It is informed by your business and the products or services you provide.

It can be used to ascertain where your business currently sits in regard to the competition.

It should take into account your target audience and identify effective tactics.

A marketing strategy is used to create a marketing plan.

In short, it is used to set the direction for your marketing endeavors. 

Start By Identifying Your Business Goals

Your marketing strategy needs to align with the goals of your business. These goals might be new, or they might be outlined in your business plan.

They could include things like building more brand awareness or growing your consumer base.

When coming up with goals for your business, you should be as specific as possible.

Your goal needs to be easily measurable; how else will you be able to tell if you’ve achieved it?

Try to keep them realistic and relevant to your business.

You also need to think about a time frame; when do you want to achieve your goals? 

How Will Marketing Help You Achieve Those Goals?

Once you have identified your business goals, it is time to think about how marketing can help you to achieve them.

You need to come up with some marketing goals which can help you to reach your business goals.

The same rules and criteria apply to these goals as those mentioned above.

A good marketing strategy does not need often changing, although yearly revisions do make sense, especially if your business goals evolve and change.

Other factors that can affect your marketing strategy is the emergence of new competitors or if your products or services change too.

Conduct Market Research

You cannot expect to develop a good marketing strategy without conducting research.

A lot of factors within the market can affect your strategies, like the size, growth and any trends, and your desired demographic.

The more you understand the market, the more effective your marketing strategy will be.

You need to be aware of any changes in the market to ensure that your strategy continues to be targeted and relevant to your consumers.

Your market research should also include a thorough look at your competitors.

Understanding more about your competitors can give you an advantage over them.

How can you set your business apart?

Learn from their mistakes and emulate their successes if possible. 

Understand Your Consumers

During your market research, you should begin to develop a profile of your target audience.

Try to identify their wants and needs.

You need to gain a better understanding of them.

The profile should begin to build a comprehensive picture of them.

How do they buy, and where do they tend to buy from?

What do they want?

Once you can answer these questions, you can begin to tailor your market strategy to address them.

This is often an ongoing endeavor because trends are constantly emerging, and these can affect your consumers and thus your marketing strategy.

A good marketing strategy not only attracts new consumers but also helps you to maintain a relationship with existing customers too.

Learning more about your consumers is important, for example.

Some demographics prefer digital marketing methods like emails or social media, whereas others are better reached using traditional marketing methods like direct mail marketing.

Whatever your method you need to measure the results, take direct mail campaigns as an example; Lob offers several services that can help to make your campaigns more effective.

This will also provide you with analytical data that can help you in the future.

Take a Multi-Faceted Approach

Most of the time, your marketing strategy should not be limited to one method.

The best strategies include a multipronged approach.

Depending on the goals of your business and your consumers, most businesses benefit from a mix of marketing methods using both digital and traditional tactics.

Once you have decided on your tactics and done your research, you need to test your ideas.

This allows you to revise your plans before committing more resources to them.

Testing is incredibly important; it helps you to improve your strategies before going to market and wasting money on an ineffective campaign.

The Wrap-up

A good marketing strategy is integral to the success of a business.

It can directly affect the longevity and the profitability of your business. Developing a marketing strategy does not have to be difficult.

Following the steps above can help you to break the process down and make it easier.