The quick answer to that question is yes, very much so. Unfortunately many business owners treat their websites as basic information sites with the “set it and forget it” mentality. This may have worked fifteen years ago when the Internet was just an information guide for the most part. Putting even some basic content about your business and your services could have gotten you ranking well in the search engines. Now the Internet is more of a lifestyle tool where it’s unheard of for someone to go without it for more than a day. Google itself consistently changes its algorithm to have websites with more quality, unique, and optimized content that people will actually want to read rank better.

Not only will adding some personality to your site help in your rankings and analytics but it will make the sales process easier. Last year I got married and one of my wedding preparation tasks was to find a DJ. It was a long distance wedding so using the Internet to find a local DJ was a must. However, in order to get a quote I had to call the DJ personally. This left just 3rd party reviews and the DJ website as my only means to narrow down the search before getting the quotes. Reviews helped but if I didn’t get a sense of who the DJ was as a person from their website then they didn’t even receive a call. Ultimately, I landed on a DJ whose reviews matched the personality evoked on the website and I felt like I knew them even before I called. They got the sale because they let their website break the ice so we didn’t have to.

Now you might be saying, “Okay Tim, I get why I should give my website personality, but how do I go about doing it?” The easy answer to that is, you give it personality. The most common method to do this is through a blog. Blogs should not only be informative about your services and industry but they should also be sprinkled with your personal experiences. I can guarantee that if you write something you’re passionate about it’ll show in the writing and people will take notice and remember you.

You can also do this with your basic information discussed earlier. For example, instead of just writing all your services on one page of your site think about giving each of your services its own page. Then write about what that service is, why you offer it and why the customer should choose you over others. The key is to write something different for each service. It’s subtle but people notice and it shows them that you care about your business and have a passion for it. People like it when business talk to them, not at them. From a search engine perspective, having individual pages for each service allows you much better optimization opportunities as well.

No one knows your business better than you, and from personal experience you can’t own your own business and not have an outgoing or inviting personality. So the next time you need to update your website remember to put a little bit of yourself in there. A little bit can go a long way.

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