Is Lifetime Available on YouTube TV? What You Need to Know

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does youtube tv have lifetime

I’ve always been a fan of curling up with a good Lifetime movie, so when I made the switch to YouTube TV, my first question was, “Do they have Lifetime?” It’s a common query for anyone who loves those gripping dramas and heartfelt stories.

What is YouTube TV?

I’ve always been a bit of a TV aficionado, diving into various streaming platforms to satisfy my viewing needs. Lately, I’ve turned my attention to YouTube TV, a platform that’s been getting a lot of buzz. Let me jump into what makes it stand out from the crowd.

At its core, YouTube TV is a streaming service that offers live TV from more than 85 broadcast, cable, and regional sports networks. I found it incredibly appealing because it doesn’t just stop at providing live TV; it includes a cloud DVR with no storage limits. This feature allows me to record and save my favorite shows and watch them whenever I want, without worrying about running out of space.

What truly sets YouTube TV apart for me is its flexibility. There are no annual contracts, meaning I can start and stop my service at any time. Plus, it supports up to six accounts per household, which is perfect for my family. We all have our tastes in TV shows, and with YouTube TV, everyone gets to create their own personal DVR.

Another aspect that’s worth mentioning is the on-the-go viewing. I’m not always at home to catch live broadcasts, so the ability to watch on my phone, tablet, or laptop is a game changer. It ensures I don’t miss out on my favorite programming, no matter where I am.

The Importance of Lifetime Channel

Lifetime isn’t just another channel on the dial; it’s a staple in the world of entertainment. When I think about unwinding after a long day, Lifetime’s unique mix of movies and shows often comes to mind. They’ve mastered the art of storytelling with a twist, often highlighting strong female leads and empowering narratives.

What sets Lifetime apart is its ability to tap into the human experience, covering a range of emotions and situations. From thrilling suspense to heartwarming dramas, it’s like they know exactly what I’m in the mood for. It’s not just about the entertainment; Lifetime has a way of sparking conversations on important topics, making it a channel that resonates on a deeper level.

For example, their movies on real-life events and issues provide insights that are both enlightening and thought-provoking. Whether it’s addressing domestic abuse or biographical tales of iconic women, Lifetime doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff. And in an era where representation matters more than ever, I appreciate that the channel champions diverse voices and stories.

Plus, their holiday movies have become a tradition in my household. Nothing beats the cosy vibes of a Lifetime Christmas movie marathon. Is it cheesy? Absolutely. But it’s the good kind of cheese that brings comfort and joy.

In short, Lifetime isn’t just entertainment; it’s a conversation starter, a comfort provider, and a champion for stories that need to be heard.

Available Channels on YouTube TV

When I first thought about cutting the cord and diving into YouTube TV, my biggest question was about channel availability. You know, I’m a bit of a TV buff, and the thought of missing out on my favorite channels wasn’t appealing at all. So, I did some digging, and guess what? YouTube TV has quite an impressive lineup.

First off, I was thrilled to find out YouTube TV streams live TV from over 85 networks. It’s like they’ve really tried to cater to all sorts of viewers, from news junkies to sports fanatics, and of course, people like me who just want a good movie or drama series at the end of a long day.

Here’s a quick glimpse into some of the channels available:

  • Major networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC
  • Sports channels such as ESPN, FS1, and NBCSN
  • Kids’ content on channels like Cartoon Network
  • For the documentary and reality TV lovers, National Geographic and TLC are in the mix

While YouTube TV covers a wide swath of genres, the specific channel I was curious about was Lifetime. Given its unique mix of movies and shows, Lifetime’s been a staple in my TV viewing routine. It’s one of those channels that just seems to have something for everyone in my household, especially when the holiday season rolls around.

Does YouTube TV Have Lifetime Channel?

When I first considered cutting the cord and moving my TV watching habits online, my main concern was about missing out on my favorite channels. Lifetime was at the top of that list. It’s not just any channel for me; it’s a source of comfort watching those empowering movies and series that feel like they were made just for my family and me.

After doing some digging, I was pleased to discover that YouTube TV does indeed offer the Lifetime channel as part of its extensive lineup. This was a huge relief because it means I won’t have to miss out on any heartwarming holiday movies or those gripping, based-on-true-event dramas that Lifetime is so well known for.

Here’s the deal:

  • YouTube TV provides access to over 85 networks, including major broadcast and cable channels.
  • Lifetime, a key channel for many households, is among those available, ensuring fans can enjoy their favorite shows and movies without interruption.

This addition truly rounds out YouTube TV as a solid choice for cord-cutters, offering something for everyone in the house. Whether it’s catching up on Project Runway, tuning into the latest holiday movie marathon, or diving into a true-crime drama, knowing that Lifetime is available makes the decision to switch that much easier for folks like me who have specific viewing tastes.

Alternatives for Accessing Lifetime Content

Finding out YouTube TV includes Lifetime was a huge relief for me, but I understand this might not be the best solution for everyone. So, I’ve looked into other ways you can catch your favorite Lifetime movies and shows without a traditional cable subscription. Here’s what I found:

Streaming Services

Several streaming platforms offer Lifetime content either live or on-demand.

  • Hulu + Live TV: This service includes Lifetime among its channels. It’s fantastic for those who also enjoy Hulu’s original content.
  • Sling TV: Opt for the Sling Blue package, and you’ll find Lifetime ready and waiting for you.
  • Philo: Known for its affordability, Philo packs Lifetime into its lineup, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious viewers.

Lifetime’s Own Apps and Website

Did you know Lifetime has its own app and website where you can stream shows and movies? It’s true. The Lifetime Movie Club app is especially great for movie buffs. There’s a free trial, and after that, it’s pretty affordable. Plus, some content on the Lifetime website doesn’t even require you to log in.

Digital Store Purchases

For those must-have movies or shows you want to watch over and over, buying them from digital stores like iTunes or Amazon Prime Video is the way to go. You pay per episode or movie, but then it’s yours to keep.

Each of these options has different benefits, depending on what you’re looking for. Whether it’s live TV without a traditional cable service or just your favorite movies on demand, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy Lifetime content.


So there you have it! My quest to find Lifetime on YouTube TV ended in success, ensuring my holiday movie traditions and drama-filled evenings remain intact. It’s comforting to know that YouTube TV’s broad selection caters to my family’s diverse tastes, from sports to cartoons, and of course, Lifetime’s empowering narratives. And for those who might prefer other avenues, it’s great that options like Hulu + Live TV and Lifetime’s own streaming services are available. Whether it’s through YouTube TV or another platform, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the rich, engaging content Lifetime offers. I’m all set for my next movie marathon—are you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does YouTube TV offer the Lifetime channel?

Yes, YouTube TV includes the Lifetime channel as part of its extensive lineup, allowing viewers to enjoy its vast array of movies and shows.

How many networks does YouTube TV provide?

YouTube TV provides live TV from over 85 networks, including major networks, sports channels, kids’ content, and documentary channels.

Can I record shows on YouTube TV?

Yes, YouTube TV offers a cloud DVR with unlimited storage, enabling users to record their favorite shows and movies without storage limits.

Is there a contract required to subscribe to YouTube TV?

No, YouTube TV does not require an annual contract, allowing subscribers to cancel their service at any time without penalties.

How many accounts can share a YouTube TV subscription?

A YouTube TV subscription supports up to six accounts per household, making it a versatile option for family and friends.

Can I watch YouTube TV on different devices?

Yes, YouTube TV is designed for on-the-go watching, compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

Why is the Lifetime channel important in the world of entertainment?

The Lifetime channel offers unique content with strong female leads and empowering narratives, sparking conversations on important topics and tapping into the human experience.

Are holiday movies available on the Lifetime channel?

Yes, the Lifetime channel is known for its holiday movies, which have become a beloved tradition for many viewers.

Are there other ways to access Lifetime content besides YouTube TV?

Yes, Lifetime content can also be accessed on streaming services like Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and Philo, as well as on Lifetime’s own app and website, and through digital stores like iTunes and Amazon Prime Video.

Can I enjoy Lifetime content without a cable subscription?

Yes, there are various options available to enjoy Lifetime content without a cable subscription, including YouTube TV, other streaming services, and Lifetime’s digital platforms.