Dominate the Marketing Trends by Scaling Your Web Scraper

Dominate the Marketing Trends by Scaling Your Web Scraper

The marketing industry is incredibly competitive, as thousands of businesses compete to grab consumer’s attention and grow their customer bases. To market your business successfully, you need to stay relevant to your target audience. It’s crucial to consider several aspects to remain relevant in people’s minds, but one of the most important is taking advantage of social media trends and platforms. TikTok has become a growing industry, and by scraping the app with a TikTok scraper, you might find another marketing avenue.

Web Scrapers and Proxies

Web scrapers provide a way to keep yourself relevant in the market. These tools can gather information from multiple online sources in a short period. However, it’s recommended to use proxies to scale your connection. Proxies will allow your scraper to access geo-restricted content, while also keeping it from being blocked. The types below are the best ones for your web scraping efforts.


Residential proxies are some of the safest types, as these servers and IP addresses connect to real home devices. A residential proxy tool routes its servers through home devices scattered across the globe and provides a stable connection that looks like an actual person is accessing the site.


Rotating proxies are a pool of residential proxies and form a new IP address for each connection. You can switch between thousands of proxies. This rotation ensures the rate limits never apply when scraping data, as your proxy tool uses a new IP for each site and connection it accesses.

Social Media

There are dedicated social media proxies for platforms like TikTok or Instagram. However, you also have options like the TikTok scraper that gives you a proxy-like integration into the sites, ensuring your connection remains secure. This combines the power of a scraper, with the protection of a proxy.

The Beneficial Relationship

If you want to take advantage of social media platforms like TikTok, you must know current information on the trends. Social media marketing is a crucial part of your strategy. A web scraper is an excellent way to keep your business updated, as it’s faster to use and provides many benefits. 

Proxies are servers that act as an intermediary between you and the website you’re accessing. It hides your IP address and ensures you’re never in direct contact with the site. Below, we consider some of the best advantages you’ll gain when using a proxy with your web scraper.

Access Geo-Blocked Sites

One of the best benefits of web scrapers using proxies is that you can set the proxy server to any location. That means you can access geo-blocked sites and information. If you’re considering expanding into another market, you must first complete thorough research on the market. 

However, this research can become challenging to complete if the sites don’t allow connections from outside the market. A proxy will ensure you seem like a person inside the market and provide you with the information you need through the web scraper.

Enjoy Faster Connection

Using a web scraper with a proxy means you can dodge slow servers and the many problems of a slow connection. Proxy tools ensure you connect faster with the sites and gather all the vital information within hours.

If you do the same research manually, it might take days to weeks. By the time you’ve compiled all the research on current trends, those trends might not be relevant anymore. Social media trends constantly change, so a dynamic marketing plan is ideal.

Bypass Rate Limits

Many websites have rate limits in place to protect themselves from suspicious connections and bot activity. Connections making a lot of requests in a short period are suspected to be automated and often blocked from accessing the site. As such, you should ensure your IP address doesn’t flood the website with unlimited requests and become blocked due to the rate limits.

Looking at the average access and requests from a person, we can see that people can make five to 10 requests as they browse the website. That can be through clicking the various links, pausing to read a new tab, and continuing if it didn’t contain the information you seek.

It translates to about 300 to 600 requests in an hour, so it’s always best to keep your requests from one IP address to around an average of 500 per hour. However, some websites have stricter rate limits in place.

Explore Current Trends

Knowing the current trends means you can find common ground with your target audience and use visual content that speaks to them in a way they understand. Social media trends have a way of sticking to your memory. As such, using advertisements and marketing campaigns that build on it will remain longer in your clients’ memories.

The current trends can range from popular pop culture references used in marketing to specific TikTok reels trending online. Ensure you use tools like an Instagram and TikTok scraper to see what’s happening and create relevant marketing content.

Scale Your Web Scraper

Proxies empower web scrapers and provide secure connections and almost unlimited threads running concurrently with each other. Scaling your web or TikTok scraper should be done using safe and premium proxies. While free proxy tools are available, they’re not as secure or versatile as quality paid-for proxies and therefore not recommended. 

Reliable proxies ensure you can make thousands of secure connections, access any location worldwide, and learn the latest social media trends for your successful marketing campaign. So find the ideal proxy today to empower your web scraping and remain relevant in the minds of your target audience.