How does a video this bad go viral? Most of our clients want their social media campaigns to go viral; however, there isn’t an on/off switch for that, unfortunately. It is a combination of things that make a video go viral, thus giving a brand/person/topic desired recognition and a springboard to online fame (i.e. a ton of Twitter followers, Facebook fan pages, articles and other press).
So how does this atrocious boy band video have nearly 1 million hits? Remember Rebecca Black’s "Friday"  video on YouTube that now has nearly 31 million hits? Who would have thought? Is this “Facebook Official” video the male counterpart to the viral Rebecca Black song? Your guess is as good as ours, but let’s take a look into what makes a video and other forms of online content go viral.



1. Be Unique: Whatever it is that you decide to do with your video, make sure that it hasn’t been done before. Feel free to play off current trends and fads, (i.e. Facebook Official) but always find a unique twist that will make your video stand out from the pack.
2. Hit them Hard: In addition to being unique, your video should at least for a moment  shock the senses of your audience. Whether it’s a true startle or just something that sticks out for any reason, it will make people want to see what else you have in store for them. 
3. Eliminate Big Words: The only person that cares about all of that fancy terminology you’re tossing around is you. Cut the fancy language and the corporate mumbo-jumbo and keep your dialogue toned down and friendly. In short: Dumb it down.
4. Dont be Hip: Few things in life are more obvious than someone going way too far over the top to try to fit into the image of “cool.” Stick to what you know and be who you are. People will see through you if you or your message is fake.
5. Stay Short and Sweet: One of the reasons why the best viral videos are universally well-received is because they are short and sweet, lasting only a few minutes in length. You get a quick jolt of entertainment or a jarring, thought-provoking clip but then you can go right back to what you were doing before you clicked on that link.
6. Make Them Laugh: Laughter is a very powerful weapon, capable of disarming all of the doubting and distrusting feelings that people have. If you can make your audience laugh, they will want to share the good vibes with their friends and family.
7. Bring it to the next level : Take an everyday task and make it outrageous. Pull off a stunt so wild that people will feel like they have to watch just to say that they did. Step outside normal boundaries and go above and beyond what people would expect.
8. Be Down to Earth: Being visibly “homemade” can be a good thing. Think of the down to Earth, shaky video of The Blair Witch Project. You don’t need high quality production or fancy, expensive equipment. Having that homemade look can actually work to your advantage by removing the commerciality of your video and by making it more relatable.
9. Remember Your Brand: What do you—or your company—do best? Find a way to highlight that or make people remember that through the course of your video. Don’t stray too far into the realm of “viral just for the sake of being viral.” You don’t want to be the Super Bowl commercial that everyone talks about as being sensational, while nobody remembers what it was for.
10. Keep the Action Moving: Whatever you do, make sure your video maintains a fast pace. A long monologue, a drawn out intro or other extended scenes can instantly crush your audience’s urge to sit down and watch what you have to say. Always keep the action moving
11. Dumb Luck
These 10 tips to make your video go viral will turn everything you touch into a viral sensation. Be warned though, if you master these 10 techniques you might find yourself with more traffic and attention than you know what to do with.
What do you think made this video a success?
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