Flash Rewards Review – Is Flash Rewards Legit?

Flash Rewards Review

There are so many apps today that promise to give monetary rewards to people who follow certain steps or do certain tasks.

It is becoming more and more difficult to find out what apps are real and what apps are a scam.

That is why it is very important and helpful to read detailed reviews of such apps to ensure that you keep yourself safe from financial scams. 

One such app that is now being talked about is Flash Rewards.

You may have come across this app when searching for rewards apps on your smartphone.

Like some other titles in this genre, it may seem like something that is too good to be true.

And that is why you are in the perfect place to find out whether Flash Rewards is a legit app to use and whether you can actually win something by using it. 

What Is Flash Rewards co? 

Flash Rewards is a rewards app on Android that can be downloaded for free. It lets users win different prizes for completing certain tasks.

The application has been developed by Vesey Studios. This is not a scam application and it has paid more than $11 million since 2016, which is a huge amount of money. 

How Does Flash Rewards Work? 

Flash Rewards app works like many others in the rewards genre.

Users are tasked with completing different tasks to earn some prizes in return.

They may qualify for the reward being offered or not, depending on whether the task is performed exactly as required or not. Some of the tasks to be completed include:

  • Playing new games (like Bubble Cash)
  • Trying new apps
  • Getting a new subscription

There are plenty of variations in each type of task so you can always check to see which one you’d like to complete.

Each task promises different rewards, of course, so that’s also a consideration you need to have.

Once you complete one task, you are awarded ‘coins’ as a reward. Collect enough of these coins and you can cash them out.

That’s the basic premise of Flash Rewards. 

Step-by-Step Process Explained

Here’s a step by step process on how flash rewards app actually work:

  • Download the application and sign up for an account. The app is free to install. Once you have created an account, you will be asked to fill in some information about yourself including your age, gender, education, job, income level, address, and some preferences. 
  • After completing the account information, you can start completing tasks. The first way you can earn the coins is by playing games. There is a good selection of games so you’ll likely find something you actually enjoy. The more you play, the more coins you get. Leveling up is the main way in which users get coins from Flash Rewards. For each level, the app usually rewards players with 100 coins. 
  • The other thing you can do is complete offers. These can be anything from signing up for a Disney+ account to doing some online shopping at a certain retailer. The rewards users get for each task vary but some tasks can get you enough coins to claim $50 to $75 easily. The best rewards are given for completing more serious tasks that require you to spend money in the process. 
  • Once you have the coins you wish to cash out, you can simply do so. 

Is Flash Rewards a Giveaway? 

This is not a giveaway app as some people might mistake it to be. You have to complete tasks to get the coins you need.

Most of these tasks, as already mentioned, require you to spend some money. You will be essentially spending money to win some money.

This is why many people would consider this app in the gray area. Anything that requires you to spend money to win money is not an ideal money making solution.

Flash Rewards app should be treated more like a cashback program (like Shopsmarter) than something you can win lots of free money from. 

With that said, you do have the chance to make some money for free and that is by playing the free games.

It’s not as lucrative as completing other tasks though but you can always spend a little money for in-game perks to make your progress quicker and earn rewards. 

Spending Money To Make Money – Sounds Risky? 

While it can sound risky that you have to spend money to make money, it’s not really that. The app does not ask you to pay the app developers or something.

Instead, you do tasks that you would do with money anyway.

For example, if you have been wanting to sign up for a Disney+ account, you can do so via Flash Rewards and get some of your money back in the form of a reward.

That is what we mean by treating this app more like a cashback program. 

If you don’t wish to spend any money, there are free tasks too.

Other than playing games, you can also complete free trial sign-ups that you can then cancel towards the end of the trial period.

There are charity options too so you can actually do some good with your money and get a little reward for doing so.

In short, there are plenty of choices for users to do what they want with their time and money and hopefully this flash rewards review helped you recognize all of the opportunities.

Flash Rewards Levels

There are levels of tasks that you can do and each task level gives you higher amounts of money.

For example, Level 2 tasks will give you a reward of $5 but you will have to complete two Level 2 tasks to get each $5 reward.

Level 3 tasks can give up to $100 if you complete 5 Level 3 tasks.

The reward amount keeps increasing at each level and so do the number of tasks you have to do. 

The maximum you can earn is $1000 for completing 25 Level 5 tasks.

The app also puts a limit on how many times you can claim a reward.

For example, if you claim something under $500, you have to wait 60 days before you can do so again.

This waiting limit increases to 1 year when you claim a reward between $750 and $1000. 

How Does Flash Rewards Make Money? 

The good thing about Flash Rewards is that the app does not ask you for any money directly. You do not need to submit any payment information for using the app.

The app itself makes money by partnering with the companies that require user attention. Whenever you sign up for a service via Flash Rewards, the app will get a small cut from the service directly. 

Claiming Rewards

After you have completed the number of tasks for claiming a certain reward, you have to go through a specific process to get your money. 

Gift Card Options

You can get your reward in the form of gift cards. These include:

  • Amazon cards
  • Blizzard cards
  • Prepaid VISA cards
  • Playstation store credit
  • Nike Cards
  • Starbucks Cards

Then, you can transfer gift card balance to your bank account, if you choose to do it.

Verification Process

  • Start the process of claiming your reward within 30 days of completing your task.
  • Submit a claim from the app and check for an email with instructions on how to proceed. 
  • You will have to pass a knowledge-based authentication test and also verify your ID. 
  • In order to do that, you will need to submit a copy of any government-issued ID that is valid and a selfie. 
  • The app may also require you to submit screenshots of the task completion screens or emails that confirm that you’ve completed the given tasks.

Withdrawal Process

After everything is verified, your reward will be handed over to you within 7-10 business days.

The process is definitely long and tedious but it ensures that every claim is legitimate and that users are not trying to trick the system in any way.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is $5 which is very good since you can make $5 quite easily and quickly.

Takeaway – Is Flash Rewards Worth Your Time? 

It depends on what you want out of the app. If you find yourself playing mobile games a lot of the time and you want to try new games, then doing so via Flash Rewards might be a good idea.

You will likely be able to make $10 to $20 every month. It is not a big amount by any means but it is a little reward you can get each month if you’re already spending a lot of time playing games. 

However, to make bigger amounts of money, you have to complete tasks that can require spending a significant amount of money in the first place.

In that case, it might be a good idea to use the app if you’re going to do something that’s a task in the app anyway – like shopping at a certain retailer or getting a particular subscription. 

For most casual users though, Flash Rewards might not be a great app for winning money if that’s what they’re after.

It’s a good way to get a gift card or two every month or so by playing games but it shouldn’t really be considered as a way to earn a decent chunk of cash unless you’re really dedicating your time and money to it in return. 

If you are looking for something that could potentially make you a lot more money, you should check out online jobs that pay up to $1000 weekly.