Things You Should Know About GBP Management Automation

Things You Should Know About GBP Management Automation

As a business, there are a lot of hats that you need to wear.

You need to find the right customers while also taking care of your employees and helping them feel valuable as well.

Managing a business is not easy and one of the roles that you need to play is marketing and advertising to find your customers. 

While there are many great options that you can choose when it comes to marketing, one option that all companies should consider is a Google Business Profile.

This resource will help you rank higher on the Google Search Engine and can bring local customers to the door.

Let’s take some time to learn more about Google Business Profile and how you can utilize this

What is GBP?

A Google Business Profile allows your business to create listings on Google, while also giving you tools to manage your company’s appearance on this popular search engine. This brings about a lot of perks and it makes sense for most companies to create a profile and put it to work. 

There are a lot of things that you are able to do when you utilize your Google Business Profile including:

  • Encourage and interact with some of the customers who review your business. 
  • Provide important information that customers need about your business to get in contact with you. This can include phone number, hours, and address. 
  • Makes it easier for customers to find out where your business is located. 
  • Add pictures to help showcase your business

Promote events and news about the company. 

When a business is able to work on their GBP well and keep it up to date, they will find that it becomes a critical asset. Your company will be able to sign-up and use this profile for free, which makes it a valuable asset that is not going to cost you anything either. 

How Does GBP Benefit My Business?

There are a lot of benefits of going with a GBP for your own company. Even if you spend just a little time handling this business listing, you will find that it can prove valuable to your income and any leads that you acquire. Some of the benefits of choosing to go with a Google Business Profile includes:

  • It is free: This is a free resource that will make it easier for you to really reach your customers. Google is known for being a top option for searches online and a GBP will help get you started. And since it is free, this is a great resource to help you win against the competition. 
  • Generates leads: The searches that customers are doing with the phrase “near me” have increased by 500%. This means that many customers are looking for businesses around them and if you can do well with local SEO, you can be the first one they see. A Google Business Profile allows you to do this.
  • Helps you with ranking in search results: When you do a GBP, you get to utilize the Google search engine. This will help you get higher up in the search engine results and makes it easier than ever to really meet your customers when they need you the most. 

Setting Up the Google Business Profile

setting up google my business

Setting up a Google Business Profile does not need to be too difficult. You can start by signing up for an account and then claim your business on Google.

If your company has a profile but you don’t own it, you can claim it through Google.

For a company that is new, you need to sign-up and then create the profile. 

Then it is time to go through and fill in your information. You will start with the vital information for the company.

This includes your name, address, hours, phone number, and industry to help make it easier for your customers to find you.

Add in a picture of your store to help make it more enticing to customers to come in. 

You can then verify the account.

Review all of the information to make sure that everything is accurate. You can then verify that the business is yours.

Phone and email are the fastest ways to do this, though you can do it through the mail as well. 

Once the account is set up, you need to make routine updates to your business.

This will help you to reach your customers when they need you. This keeps you relevant and makes it easier to show up on search engine results. 

Why Automate GBP?

While there are a lot of benefits to utilizing your GBP profile, it is also a lot of work.

You need to respond to all of the reviews and questions, update information on the page, and make sure that the website is doing well to get the full benefits of this option as well. 

This is a lot of work for most business owners to handle and they may not know how to get it started or how to handle all of the work.

This is why they may consider working with automating their Google Business Profile right from the start. 

This process allows the professionals to take control and start handling all of your promotional needs on GBP.

They can fill out the profile, handle the questions and reviews, and keep up on all of the other work that you would need done for the profile to be successful.

This can take the stress off your back and gives you more freedom to handle other parts of your business. 

Choosing to Automate Your GBP Profile

Many companies will find that automating their GBP profile is a smart decision.

It allows them a chance to get all of the benefits of their profile, without having to stress out about the work and having to keep track of everything along the way.

Take a look at some of the benefits of GBP and why it is great for your business.