GCLoot Review – All You Need to Know Before Signing Up

GCLoot Review

GCLoot is a reward site made by gamers for gamers.

We all know how gaming can easily become an expensive hobby.

Aside from buying consoles or building your own PC, rare skins and a bunch of other premium in-game items can rack up costs. 

But thanks to GCLoot, gaming doesn’t have to be that pricey. How would you feel if you can equip your in-game hero with a bunch of premium items without paying a single cent?

After all, outfitting your character in-game elevates the experience.

Getting your hands on virtual items and currencies can make gaming even more fun.

In a nutshell, GCLoot rewards its members with free rare hero skins, virtual currencies, and premium in-game items when they do online tasks such as watching videos and taking surveys.

But is GCLoot legit? Is it worth your time and effort?

Find out all you need to know about this reward site below.

How GCLoot Works

GCLoot works with legit companies and brands looking for marketing insights and direct user engagement.

The site, therefore, incentivizes users to do different marketing research tasks such as watching videos, answering surveys, downloading apps, and completing offers (similarly to Flash Rewards).

In each task you complete, you are rewarded points.

Once you accumulate the minimum number of points needed, you may directly head over to the site’s Reward Store where a bunch of cool prizes awaits you. 

Since GCLoot works with trusted companies, it is known to be one of the highest get-paid-to (GPT) sites.

From Steam gift cards to Robux, the site has it all for you. Claim from a wide selection of prizes. The Reward Store offers everything a gamer could ever want and more.

Rewards are emailed directly to you within 48 hours after claiming. 

Ways to Earn Points on GCLoot

Completing tasks on GCLoot is perhaps one of the most sustainable and stress-free side hustles out there.

It is perfect for anyone who wants to turn their extra time into money. Watching videos or taking surveys is not mandatory.

These are completely optional.

You get to set your own time and pace.

Of course, the more activities you complete, the more points you earn, and the sooner you can claim rewards.

But should you want to answer surveys for an hour today and fifteen minutes the next day, it is completely up to you.

Maximize your earning potential with the multiple ways you can earn on GCLoot.

Watching Videos

Yes, you read that right. You can earn free gift cards by simply watching videos. Instead of scrolling endlessly through your social media accounts for free, get paid on GCLoot.

Choose from different providers. The points you earn will depend on the video providers you’ve chosen. GCLoot currently has two providers: Hideout.TV and Lootably. 

Hideout.TV awards 7 points for every three videos you watch that have ads in them. Lootably gives 5 points.

Lucky for you, both providers credit unlimited times. So, if you have extra time on your hands, you may want to keep on watching to increase the number of points you can earn.

Remember that ads are the most important aspect of earning points. To maximize your earning potential, make sure that the videos you watch contain ads.

Taking Surveys

Sharing your opinion through surveys helps companies improve their products and services.

On top of that, completing surveys is one of the fastest ways to earn a high number of points. 

There are three types of survey providers available: premium surveys, survey walls, and survey routers.

Each of these providers pairs you up with surveys that target your specific demographics.

You may only answer surveys you are qualified to take. 

Some providers such as CPX Research still grant points in cases of partial completion or disqualification.

Other providers like YourSurveys and CINT allow unlimited completions.

Here’s a tip: take surveys from CINT, CPX Research, and YourSurveys to earn more points. 

Playing Games

The best thing to do after a hard day’s work is to kick back on the couch and destress while playing some mobile games.

But earning doesn’t stop on GCLoot. Play your favorite mobile apps (like Bubble Cash) and get paid to have fun.

You must download and install GCLoot’s partner companies’ gaming apps on your device.

Some gaming apps might require you to sign up, design your character, and clear a certain level before points are awarded to you.

Once you complete the app requirements, points are then credited to your account.

To get the most out of your time, switch out between your devices. Some apps can only be installed on tablets or phones.

Others are only available for either Android or iOS. Earn even more points when you use different devices.

Inviting Friends

If you are someone with a huge network, time to put it to good use. With GCLoot’s referral program, you can invite friends and get a portion of the points each time they earn. Earn points even when you are not online by inviting friends using your unique referral link. 

The more friends you invite, the more points for you!

Is GCLoot Legit?

Yes, GCLoot provides its members multiple fun ways to earn points and claim rewards.

If you are someone who likes games a lot, this reward site is made for you. From cash rewards to gaming gift cards, GCLoot has your back.

You are guaranteed to save up on gaming costs per year. 

Claim the highly coveted prizes right away. Start the grind today and get rewarded tomorrow.