Earlier last month, I wrote about my initial thoughts on Google’s new Dynamic Search Ads. Recently, I’ve had the chance to test out DSAs in some of our clients’ AdWords campaigns. My next few blog posts will center around the results of Dynamic Search Ads for one client in particular when compared to standard search text ads targeting the same product category.

First off, some background info. Between May and August 2011, I had been running standard search text ads for a particular product category for my client, with varied success. When the announcement of Dynamic Search Ads came from Google in late October, I saw it as a perfect opportunity to test out the new feature within this specific product category to see how it performed. I launched the Dynamic Search Ads campaign on November 16, using the product category URL string as the dynamic ad target. The daily budget, default max CPC, and geo-targeting settings were identical in both campaigns. Below are the results so far:

Product Category – Standard Search Text Ads:

  • CTR = 8.45%
  • Avg.CPC = $2.35
  • Avg. Pos. = 2.5
  • Conversion Rate = 3.83%

Product Category – Dynamic Search Ads:

  • CTR = 0.39%
  • Avg.CPC = $1.64
  • Avg. Pos. = 5.9
  • Conversion Rate = 4.92%

With the Dynamic Search Ads only running for 21 days, it’s difficult to draw conclusions at this point. However, the most promising thing to date with the DSA campaign is the high conversion rate. It will be interesting to see as the DSA campaign gets more click volume if we are able to maintain that conversion rate. Stay tuned for Part 2!


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