In Part 1 of my Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) case study, I outlined the comparison between standard search text ads and Dynamic Search Ads for a particular product category for one of our clients. What we saw was that, although most of the key performance indicators (KPIs) for the Dynamic Search Ad campaign were much lower than the standard text ad campaign (which was expected), the one area where DSAs excelled was conversion rate. At the end of the day, conversion rate (along with cost per acquisition) is the KPI that carries the most weight with clients.

In Part 2 of this case study, I’ll be comparing the performance of the DSAs during the initial time period (11/16 – 12/7) versus the latest period (12/8 – 1/2). Here are the results of the KPIs below:

Product Category – Dynamic Search Ads (11/16 – 12/7):

  • CTR = 0.39%
  • Avg.CPC = $1.64
  • Avg. Pos. = 5.9
  • Conversion Rate = 4.92%

Product Category – Dynamic Search Ads (12/8 – 1/2):

  • CTR = 0.56%
  • Avg.CPC = $1.42
  • Avg. Pos. = 5.3
  • Conversion Rate = 8.89%

From these results, we can see that the Dynamic Search Ad campaign has continued to improve for client, while actually reducing cost per click. Additionally, the traffic engagement data for this campaign has been solid as well, with 5.41 pages per visit and an average time on site of 2:23 minutes.

Since the client in question is an ecommerce client, the fact that the latest period included Christmas could have had an effect on the increased conversion data. In Part 3, we will see if the trend of improved KPIs for the Dynamic Search Ad campaign can continue through January, and determine what conclusions we can draw from this case study of Google’s latest ad feature.


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