At the Web 2.0 Summit, Bing announced its newly acquired search deal with Twitter and Facebook to provide real-time social results through its search engine.  Google immediately fired back by carrying out its own deal with Twitter, and launching the new Social Search feature. 

Social Search

Using your Google Profile credentials, Social Search combines results from your friend’s blogs, Flickr, Twitter, and FriendFeed accounts, as well as other social media sites, as long as your friends are registered for them. This opt-in feature can be enabled through Google Labs, and is available today.

Once enabled, Google will provide relevant search results from people within your social circle including pictures, videos, blog posts, status updates, and other information Google aggregates.  These results will populate at the end of the search results page with "Results from people in your social circle for ……………"  Please refer to the image below as an example.


This feature doesn’t affect all search results, as its based on your social circle relationships.  I’m guessing Google will began serving these social circle results higher on the page, just as they did video and picture search results.  We’ve provided a demo of Google’s Social Search feature below.


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Ignacio • 9 years ago

Just so cool....I´m really more and more amazed by google everyday...they never stop!

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free backlinks • 9 years ago

nice piece of information shared for fellow webmasters along w/ the video..

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