Google released a number of new features yesterday to make your search experience that much better.  With the recent explosion of Twitter (a micro-blogging platform), much criticism has been addressed regarding the relevancy of Google search results.  Twitter and OneRiot have development advanced real-time search engines to provide you with latest trends which are virtually instant.  For example, if you search for BNP on Twitter, OneRiot, and Google, you get completely different results.  The latest BNP page found on Google was 9 hours ago, while Twitter provides pages that are just seconds old.  How is Google going to keep up with the latest trends and real-time search results that users are becoming accustomed to? This is main concern Google Marissa Mayer addressed at Google’s Searchology event May 12th.

Google’s Biggest Concerns

  • finding the most recent information
  • choosing which type of results you’re looking for
  • modifying the results by your determined relevancy
  • knowing what you’re looking for
  • expressing your searches in keywords

Google’s New Features

If you haven’t noticed, Google has released a new “search options” feature or as Marissa Mayer calls it the "tool belt" which enables you to sort your results based on videos, forums, and reviews. You can also sort your search results by the time the page was discovered: recent results, past 24 hours, past week, and past year.  This is essential when searching for the latest news on a specific topic.  You can also enable the "image from the page" feature which displays 2 images on the right side of the page title if the page contains images, otherwise it will be removed from the search results.  Another great addition is the "more text" feature which expands the current description to about double the characters.  This allows you to read more about the provided page without visiting it, this feature is similar to the Google Reader RSS feed platform.  Please refer to the video below for a walk-through of Google’s new "tool belt."

How will Google’s new features impact SEO?

Typically, businesses will try to achieve 1st page rankings with at best #1 rankings on Google.  With the implementation of Google’s new features, SEO experts will need to change their strategies as front page ranking won’t funnel in 100% of your targeted audience.  SEO campaigns will become more complex with the addition of videos, images, forums, reviews, and time sensitive searches.  Users are given more resources to find the exact information they’re looking for.

Instead of solely depending on 1st page rankings as a measurement for success, SEO professionals may move to overall presence across the web including: rss and e-mail subscribers, back links, conversions, registered users, and user participation.  Are you involved in your targeted niche using blogs (WordPress, Blogger), forums (Sitepoint, Digital point), local business reviews (Yelp, Local), videos (Youtube), pictures (Flickr, Photobucket), and other social media elements (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook).  With the rise of user contributions to overall online experience, for example blogging, anybody can address their opinion or expertise on any given topic.  So the best bet is to always create an unique SEO campaign based on the website’s sytle or niche.  Are you developing a SEO campaign for an online shopping cart, strictly services website, magazine, blog, tool, search engine, or new social network? 

The social element will continue to grow as more and more users become involved in social networks.  Expect a huge shift from traditional searches to real-time search feeds.  I’m anxious to see what platforms Google will release next, as Google Squared is being released later this month with many others in the pipeline.


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nikhil • 9 years ago

Thanks. bravo... Can you please tell me what i have to concern regarding new seo strategies? What should be the main strategies for new google.... Thanks a lot...

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Nick Stamoulis • 9 years ago

It is amazing to see just how many Twitter spin offs there have been. It will be amazing to see how many more spawn from this online cultural phenomenon.

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Company Formation • 9 years ago

Indeed Twitterand One Riot's advanced search engine is something that would make Google stay on it's toes as they themselves claim that they continually strive to stay at the top, this goes to show that new innovative and ideas just dont come from the big giants but from other sources as well and that is what makes the competition unique, we can expect for Google to counter that. This is why I like competiton, it forces companies to constantly improve themselves thus benefitting the end user.

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Andres Spagarino • 9 years ago

It is amazing the evolution of SEO from custom landing pages, to blogs and forums, and now to social media. It will be interesting how Google will be able to rank the results of social media entries

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Mike Gilson • 9 years ago

I still do not see why google needs to compete with Twitter.

Read More • 9 years ago

This is one good news. I've been trying to improve my strategies. One line in the article says, "Typically, businesses will try to achieve 1st page rankings with at best #1 rankings on Google.", well that's true. Good thing Google introduced this new innovation, there will be more ways of making our site accessible to readers.

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