Big news in the search industry…Google has finally updated their PageRank system. It’s been a long time since the last update. There was a lot of speculation on when this was going to happen; many "experts" were banking on July and Aug 2007…that didn’t happen. Sep 2007 was a popular guess…nope. So, then comes late Oct and all of the sudden the PageRank changes.

Depending upon what kind of site you have and the activities that you have been conducting determines how you feel about the latest PageRank update. I’ve seen many sites that have dropped in PageRank as a result of this last update…I’m sure those sites are a little bummed. I’m happy to report that every single one of our client’s sites have experienced a significant increase in their PageRank (I’m now patting myself on the back).

Ok…I know what all you SEO’s are thinking right now…PageRank doesn’t mean a whole lot when it comes to search results, and I agree. PageRank can be a very misleading measure of a site…just because you have a good/bad PR doesn’t mean that it correlates with search results. However, as most of you know, webmasters are very hesitant to link out to a site with no PR. So, when a webmaster is considering linking to your site they will always do a cursory analysis of your site’s metrics; PR being one of those metrics they will inevitably look at. If your site has a PR0, then you probably won’t get any link-love from them. But, if your site has a PR2 or 3, they might be a little more willing to give you some lovin’.

There is also a perceived value in high PR…there are literally millions of people who evaluate pages based solely on PR. This method of evaluation should make any knowledgeable SEO shutter with disgust…but at the same time, we cannot ignore the power. PR is a useful marketing tool for anyone involved in Internet marketing. Not everyone that you deal with will know that PR is really an unreliable measure and you don’t have the time to explain it to them. So, why not embrace it and use it to your advantage.

So, get out there, puff up your feathers a little bit and tout that new PR.


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