I was setting up a new analytics account today when I noticed something funny in the Google Analytics Tracking Code page: Google now has a brand new analytics code that fixes the annoying warning message you get from your internet explorer browser when a secure page is requested using an analytics code that is non-secure. The new code will refer to either the http or https protocol to match the web page’s protocol from which it was called. For example, if a page on the http protocol was requested such as /about, the analytics will reference Google’s http site. If https://www.bestrank.com/about is referenced, the analytics code will reference Google’s https site. What this new fix does for the web

  • Helps increase user trust with websites that use Analytics. The new code stops web pages from displaying a warning message of "non-secure items", such as on your IE browser when an https page has an analytics code that references http.
  • Increases Google’s web analytics market share by dumming down the installation process for analytics: one size fits all.
  • Increases Google’s knowledge of web activity

I thought it was interesting that I mentioned the potential fix some months back on my post of how to use https with analytics… I’m sure others were asking and it looks like Google was listening.


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