Homes I recently received a question from a client asking which sub domain would be the most beneficial to create for their new real estate web site, either going with "" or "":

I have one specific question. It was suggested by a member or our marketing staff that for Real Estate sites, "home" gets better results than "homes", particularly as part of a url. For example " <>" is better than " <>". …. ‘and it wasn’t even close’, I was told.

Can you guess which keyword brings in more interested traffic? Let’s find out:

Search Volume of "homes" versus "home"

According to Google’s trends tool, "home" receives more searches than "homes" by about 2 to 2.5 times as much. At first, the larger search volume would lead you to believe more (in blue) is better… home vs homes Wordtracker also reports that "home" has a larger search volume than "homes". Google’s adwords keyword tool also reports the same trend: (just enter the two words) Keyword discovery also reports similar data (768196 for "home" vs 135921 for "homes") So there really are many more searches for the singular than the plural version of the word – but there’s more to the story here…

Correlated searches of "homes" vs "home"

As we’ve seen, there are more searches being reported for "home" than "homes" but after looking at keyworddiscovery’s data, for example, "homes" seems to be more correlated with related searches such as "homes for sale" or "mobile homes", etc., while the keyword "home" includes a lot of search queries looking for things like "work from home" or "home garden", etc.
Homes search results on keyworddiscovery Home keyworddiscovery search results
It would appear that if you were going to start a real estate related web site, "homes" might be a better choice in terms of traffic quality. Even Google seems to thinks so, they have a link to "Find results for homes in Housing" right above their main search results.


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