A little over a month ago, “Hot Cheetos and Takis” by Y.N.RichKids became an online hit and has since received over two million hits on YouTube and has been shared throughout social media and the blogosphere countless times.

Sure, that’s nowhere near the number of hits as, say, “Gangnam Style,” but the draw comes from the human element. The song was entirely produced and created by a group of kids from Minneapolis taking part in an afterschool Beats and Rhymes program. Their Twitter account is bare save for a handful of humble “thank yous.” The Y.N.RichKids Facebook account has a few photos but is primarily a smattering of fan comments. There’s just something inherently likable about these kids and the song itself.

Of course, the song has done wonders for both Hot Cheetos and Takis. It’s not common for brands to gain such positive, user-generated content, especially when it wasn’t solicited. Such organic promotion doesn’t come around often and it’s turned into a bit of a goldmine for Frito-Lay and Barcel. The future only knows if the two companies will split  some sort of deal with the young members of Y.N.RichKids or provide them with a lifetime supply of snack foods.

Y.N.RichKids might gain some more hits if they invested time on their social media presence or built up a site, but the fact is, they don’t need it. I legitimately and unironically love the song and what these kids are doing. They’re learning to write, create voice, and express themselves through language. The song is clean, both in terms of content and style. When you get down to it, they’re just kids rapping about what they love; marketing and branding aren’t necessary. I admire them and wish them the best in their future pursuits. You can buy their tunes and support them through their Bandcamp page.

Snacks on snacks on snacks.


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