Give your audience a little holiday treat.

Once Halloween is wrapped it’s time to get in the festive holiday spirit, if you ask me (it’s not like the local CVS waited this long to roll out their wreaths and cinnamon-scented candles).

If you’re wondering how to infuse some of that holiday warmth into your content marketing strategy, read on for a few idea seeds.

Email marketing

Send out a regular email newsletter? There are a lot of ways you can festiv-ize it.

  • Something as simple as a fresh holiday design for your newsletter can go a long way.
  • Appreciate your audience with a holiday thank-you message.
  • Share company holiday stories, memories, and ideas.
  • Offer a special holiday promotion.
  • Help others in need by promoting a good cause in your newsletter.
  • Make it fun with a holiday game, video, animation, etc.


You’re regularly blogging, of course, so why not turn your blog into a fun forum for holiday spirit?

  • Take a hint from “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and create a “12 Days of _____” theme for your blog. Depending on your industry, the possibilities are endless. Provide tips, advice, insight, stories–anything relevant. For example, a restaurant or bakery could do “The 12 Days of Holiday Recipes” providing a new one each day.
  • Create a holiday contest to promote on your blog. For example, a clothing retailer could promote an “ugly holiday sweater” photo contest. Winner gets a $20 gift card and their picture on the blog.
  • Have your bloggers share a short holiday story or memory. Even if these have nothing to do with your industry, it will bring the “human side” to your blog and readers will appreciate getting to know your team.
  • Share images, videos, and stories from your company holiday party.


Infographics are fun pieces of content that give readers a visual understanding of information. Infographics are pretty popular these days, and can be about virtually anything. They are great link building material as well. Check out these examples:

Click the images to see full infographics.

Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget
Company: Yummly
Designer: Killerinfographics


(Alcoholic) Christmas Drinks from Around the Globe
Company: Treetopia


What is Santa’s Carbon Footprint?
Company: Ethical Ocean


Visual History of Christmas Trees
Company: Christmas Tree Market
Designer: InfoNewt


Have an awesome podcast like Best Rank? Use this audio forum for holiday cheer.

  • Discuss how the holidays pertain to your industry. What’s the impact? How do you accommodate an influx/lack of business? What kinds of deals are you offering?
  • Discuss industry-related holiday success stories.
  • Give holiday tips. For example, travel tips, baking tips, decorating tips, marketing tips–anything relevant to your industry.
  • Tell funny, touching, or interesting holiday stories for a segment.
  • Use a segment to talk about important charities or organizations that could use some helping hands.

Video blog

Video is one of the most engaging formats to share information. Videos provide visual/audio stimulation, are easily digestible, and are definitely one of the most share-worthy types of content on the Internet. Even if you don’t have a regular video blog, you can easily create a video to share for the holidays.

  • Send a company holiday greeting or thank-you video to your customers and viewers.
  • Employees can volunteer to share a holiday memory along with a photograph or other memento.
  • Share a holiday how-to video pertinent to your industry.
  • Share clips from your company’s holiday festivities.

Of course, these are just a few ideas. The possibilities are endless, and the more creative and authentic your holiday content strategy is, the better.

Do you have some ideas of your own to share, or have you seen some great holiday content from other companies? Please share with us in the comments below–it is the holidays after all!


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