How To Make $200 In a Day Fast | 12 Legit Online Methods

How To Make $200 In a Day Fast | 12 Legit Online Methods

If you ever find yourself in need to make some quick money, knowing how to make $200 fast could definitely come in handy.

In the past, it was almost impossible to think you have a chance of earning $200 outside of a 9-to-5 job.

Thanks to the advancements in technology this has become quite common.

Instead of taking out loans, there are plenty of ways to earn money from the comfort of your own home.

Whether it’s for bills or your little luxuries, it would come in tremendous help to your financial status.

While some of these options need past experience, most of them don’t need any skills at all!

Depending on their difficulty, you can combine many websites and you could get to those $200 in a breeze.

In this article we have mentioned a bunch of options you could have a go at.

It’s recommended that you try at least a couple to see which ones suit you best.

Quickest Ways To Make $200 In A Day

Earning money online has become a worldwide trend in recent times.

The benefits of working online are exquisite.

The best thing about it, is that you can work from the place you choose, as well as in the time suitable for you.

You aren’t required to dress up, show up at a particular time, and spend countless hours in a closed-up space.

Thus, you can take a job that you may do even in your bed.

For most of the options covered in this article, you need to have a device, be it a computer or smartphone.

To a stable internet connection most people have access to nowadays, so that’s counted in.

As we’ve mentioned, for some of these options, prior experience is necessary.

These options, however, can make you a lot more money.

If you make the right combination of options where you don’t need any experience, you could make the same amount of money.

Take a peek at some of our recommendations and decide which one works best for you.

Sell Your Stuff Online (Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace)

You’ve definitely heard the expression “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

Selling items that you don’t need will rake up some money.

And why is this so great?

  • You get rid of the things you don’t need anymore.
  • You free up some space for the little treasures that’ll come.
  • You get half of your money back that you spent when you bought the thing that now you want to sell.
  • The person who will buy this thing will be happy since they can get some good stuff at an amazing price.

Search through your house for anything that could be sold or that you don’t need anymore and put it up online.

Craigslist and eBay have been the best go-to choice for selling.

Recently, Facebook Marketplace has been getting a lot of attention, as well.

You can sell anything that you don’t have a need for, going from electronics, furniture, clothes, and much more!

There’s also a potential to make a business out of doing this, if you focus on the right niche. Many people have made so much money flipping furniture for profit.

Sign Up For Swagbucks

If you shop online or if you use subscription services such as Netflix or Disney+, there is a chance for you to get some cash back on your purchases.

These days, there are so many sites that offer cashback up to 20$ and all you need to do is sign up!

Swagbucks is one of these sites that pay cash back for some retailers and services.

Keep in mind that you do not earn actual money while using the site, but you get some cash back for your next purchase.

With Swagbucks, you also get a $5 bonus for signing up.

Later on, you can continue to earn bonuses by doing surveys, watching videos, or browsing the internet.

Swagbucks is completely free – it adds on as an extension to your browser and notifies you from which retailer you can get some cash back.

Although it’s not always a way to earn actual money, it definitely helps saving it if you shop online.

Do Work On Fiverr

If you possess some kind of creative talents such as writing, voice-overs, and others, Fiverr is a great opportunity to use it and earn money fast!

Fiverr is a freelancing platform where you can create your profile and cite your resume and talents.

Now, it may take some time for you to build up your profile and get clients, but with consistent work, success is inevitable.

The great thing about platforms like Fiverr is that various people need all kinds of things.

Let’s say that you’re great at writing – taking freelance writing jobs not only earn you money but at the same time, they refine your own skills.

This makes you a much more valuable asset to your employer, and it secures you a consistent job for the same person.

Fiverr also offers a lot of opportunities for voice-overs and transcriptions for YouTube videos.

If transcription is your forte, make sure you read our guide where we covered online transcription jobs for beginners.

If you have knowledge in various languages, Fiverr will be a great place to earn money fast.

Again, Fiverr has a great number of creative offers, so if you have some kind of talent, it is an awesome way to get that extra $200 you need!

Get $25 Referral Money on Rakuten

Another interesting way to get money in the form of cashback is by friend referrals.

Rakuten has made this available with their Refer-A-Friend program.

All you need to do is to have a Rakuten account and spread the word about earning cashback.

They offer rewards for both the existing user and referred ones as all.

The way that it works is that each of the members of Rakuten is given a unique link.

You can share that link with anyone through text, email, or social media.

Once your friend has signed up with their link, they need to make a purchase that qualifies for the cashback program.

If everything is done correctly, you can expect your reward in less than 60 days.

The great thing about Rakuten is that you can invite an unlimited amount of people.

More people you invite, the more rewards you earn!

The only catch is that all the referred users need to be new to Rakuten.

Rakuten is just one of many platforms that can earn you money fast on Paypal.

Teach English Online

You could also consider putting your English skills to use and earn money for it – all from the comfort of your own home!

Recently, we saw an increased number of platforms that offer English lessons online with international teachers.

Bibo Global and VIPKID are a few noteworthy to mention.

If this sounds like something that’s up your alley, all you need to have is a great command of English language.

Certifications are not required, but are recommended.

Human qualities like patience and a friendly attitude are very much desired in this line of work.

The best thing about this job is how flexible it actually is.

You can choose your working hours in whatever way you like and you get to conduct the lessons from your own home.

Although this job requires some experience, it is fun.

The students come from all around the world with different backgrounds.

While you teach them, you get to learn something about their culture and traditions as well!

Teaching English may seem challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can earn larger sums of money.

There’s even an opportunity to turn it into a regular job.

Watch Videos at InboxDollars

What if we tell you that you can earn money from the stuff that you’re regularly doing – watching videos for example?

Nowadays, there are many companies that share their profits for this exactly.

InboxDollars is a company that offers cash for doing various activities.

These vary from watching short videos and TV clips to completing surveys, and registering for different products.

While most companies only offer rewards or cashback, InboxDollars gives out real money.

All you need to do is create a profile on the site and you need to look for purple buttons.

Anything marked with purple earns you money.

As we’ve mentioned, there are a couple of things you can do on this site.

If you opt for watching videos, you’ll be watching random segments of them – going from cooking videos to tech reviews.

You earn money by scratching digital tickets, like lottery ones.

When you make a match of 3 out of 6, the rewards go into your wallet.

Freelance – Transcription, Virtual Assistance, Or Writing

As mentioned before, doing transcriptions can bring you quick money for doing an easy job.

Usually, these jobs require transcribing of speeches done in a seminar or webinar.

They could also be tutorials given on YouTube, podcasts, and similar stuff.

You need good listening skills and knowledge of English, and you’re all set.

Another good freelance job for quick money would be virtual assistance.

This has become a very popular job nowadays since business owners need all the help they can get.

The most convenient way to get that help is through the magic of the internet.

Virtual assistance includes tasks like editing, managing social media accounts, online marketing, or email management.

For this kind of job, you usually don’t need any experience.

The person whom you’ll be assisting will give you their own instructions.

However, if you possess some experience, it’ll definitely put you further in the line.

Another skill that has never been a more wanted skill online is writing.

Business owners don’t have time to do the writing for their products or services.

They’re always in search of a good writer to write about everything they offer.

So, if any of these freelance jobs sound attractive to you, don’t waste any more time.

Get down to work and earn yourself some extra cash on the side.

Long Term Ways To Make $200 In a Day (And More)

If you’re interested in something that will bring you money in the long term, then you might consider some jobs that are more consistent.

These jobs are also done online and are very flexible, so you won’t be bothered by strict working hours and conventional office spaces.

However, for long-term projects that will bring you $200 in a day, you may need some more creative skills, and some more time spent in front of your electronic device.

For example, you can start a blog, or a vlog, meaning that you’ll have to share some of your own experiences in a creative way, so they would be appealing to the public.

If you consider something like this, then you’ll need to be fun and up to the trends, so people would find you amusing and keep up with your content.

These kinds of jobs can be quite joyful and they can earn you money very quickly for long periods, therefore they should absolutely be taken into consideration.

Start a Blog

Well, the best way to earn some passive income is to start blogging, and this can be for the long run.

This is a perfect way to share ideas and experiences, and you can make your blog about anything.

Blogging may be regarded as a part-time job, or just a regular hobby that earns you money.

People who love writing might quite enjoy this job because it will give them the freedom to talk about things that interest them in a way they want to.

However, starting a blog and earning from it may not be “a piece of cake”, especially in the very beginning.

In other words, your blog may or may not be successful, but honestly, that applies to all starting businesses.

So, besides creative writing skills, you’ll also need patience and wait for your blog to be recognized.

Another thing that’s amazing about blogging is that the start of this business is really cheap.

You’ll only need around $60, and 20 minutes of your time and your blog would be perfectly set on the internet, ready to be explored by people.

Once you’re hooked on this, you’ll never want to stop and you may consider it as a full-time job, not only a hobby.

Or Maybe a Vlog?

A vlog is similar to a blog, with the only difference that instead of writing your thoughts, you’re filming them in video footage.

Vlogging has become quite popular since people like to see how others live, especially if it’s not presented in pictures, but in videos.

This couldn’t be news to you – people enjoy peeking into the lives of others and probably copy some of those ways of living.

To start a vlog, firstly you have to be comfortable in exposing yourself to a huge number of people.

Then, you have to show interesting content, i.e. you have to be entertaining, or knowledgeable in certain fields.

This is essential because people follow vlogs for two reasons – out of fun or to get information about certain things.

If filming yourself doing different things doesn’t seem like a problem for you, then this is a perfect job that may earn you a lot of money in the long term.

Today, there are even kids doing this kind of thing, and some of them have already earned a small fortune.

Teach Your Valuable Skills Online

Showing and teaching your skills over the internet may become quite beneficial, especially if you attract a wider audience.

People nowadays, prefer to stay at home and learn something new in their own time and on their own terms.

Therefore, spending some time to teach some skills of yours in front of the camera, or maybe just write about them, can prove to be very helpful for your budget.

This kind of job is not only good for earning quick bucks, but it’s also noble in some ways because you get the opportunity to share your experience and help other people in the things you’re good at.

You can film lessons of you showing or talking about certain skills, and sell them online, or you can just write about them (if you don’t like exposing yourself on the camera).

This is quite an easy job, and it may bring you some income, even for longer periods of time.

The way you’re going to teach your valuable skills depends on you, so you can choose whatever method suitable for you.

As mentioned above, people like to do things in their own time, so you won’t make mistake trying something like this to earn some extra cash.

Additional Methods (Offline)

Apart from working online, there are a lot of other opportunities where you can get out of your house and earn those $200 that you need.

Maybe you’re a person that doesn’t want to spend the entire day working in front of a screen because it can get tiring and you want to spare yourself from the headaches.

Maybe you prefer jobs that are more active and keep you on the move.

Or simply, you prefer more interactive jobs where you can communicate with people and help them out in any way you can.

Whatever the reason, there are a lot of jobs that don’t require a lot of effort nor experience and can make you earn some fast money.

You could go a long way with just owning a car or wanting to do simple everyday tasks – shopping for example.

Here are some of our recommendations:

Be a Grocery Shopper With Instacart

Instacart is a great platform where you can earn money by working as a personal grocery shopper. It allows flexible hours and can get you a decent amount of money every week.

The way it works is that you need to download the app on your phone and make a profile as a personal shopper. Once you do that, grocery lists are being placed from people that are either too busy to do the shopping by themselves or are unable to do so.

When you get your order, you need to go and acquire the groceries that the customers request. After you’re done, you need to deliver the order to their address.

As we’ve mentioned above, the hours are completely flexible – you can choose to work depending on your free time and you get paid weekly.

If doing the grocery shopping sounds like a fun activity to you, it’s definitely a great way to make a profit out of it.

Deliver Food

Considering how much people value their time, most of them find it easier to have food, groceries, or packages delivered to them, opposed to picking it up themselves. Luckily, this has resulted in a great way to earn some cash.

Delivering food has become one of the most popular and on-demand jobs to earn some extra money on the side. Thanks to technology, it has become easier than ever before. Some people have even stated that they earn more money through delivery, rather than their day jobs!

If you have extra time and a vehicle, you could easily join any food delivery service and deliver food to customers in your vicinity.

Companies such as Postmates, DoorDash, or Ubereats will pay you up to $20 per hour for you to deliver food in your town.

Delivery services are definitely here to stay, so if you like to drive around aimlessly – why not make it profitable? It will surely cover your expenses and earn you some extra cash on the side.

Learn How To Save Money

When it comes to earning money, you also have to consider how to save it.

You may have learned some quick ways for earning money, but saving it is as important.

If saving money comes naturally to you, and you’re an economical person in general, then you have nothing to worry about.

But, if you find saving money difficult, then there are some ways that may help you change this habit and allow you to save properly.

For example, lowering your monthly expenses may come in handy when you have to save money.

You can learn how to lower your budget for shopping for groceries, you can start saving electricity, or you can find a cell phone provider for lower costs.

If you can’t do any of this, then you can try a different technique, i.e. you can use Trim.

Use Trim

Trim is an online website that allows you to monitor your monthly income and manage your billing schedule.

It’s totally automated and it can give you extremely simple ways to save up to $100 by lowering your monthly bills.

This is not a way of earning money, which we discussed throughout the whole article, but it’s very practical.

Saving is as essential as earning the money, and by keeping your money out of your reach, you may consider this as one way of “earning”.

Trim has proven to be very helpful, especially for people who have a hard time saving money and don’t know what’s the proper way to do it.

So, if you decide to use Trim, you just have to download the app Trim Financial Manager on your phone and you’re good to go.

It’s designed in a simple way, therefore you can use it without any struggling.


All of the jobs mentioned in this article are totally legitimate, so if you try any of them you won’t make a mistake.

You just have to be sure what will actually work for you and will be suitable to fit in the schedule of your day-time job.

Also, never exclude the chance of these jobs becoming your full-time jobs because in many cases this happens.

If you end up enjoying some of these jobs, you may want to continue doing them on a daily basis.

As you can see, it’s possible to earn $200 quickly, and if you choose to do several of them, you may earn even a fortune.

It’s important to remember, that each of these jobs is flexible and you can do them on your terms, therefore it’s worthy to try even one of them.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get the best out of the internet. Any of the methods you try out must be better than sitting down and watching movies. But if you ever go for latter, make sure you check how to watch free bootleg movies.