How To Not Work Anymore? Here’s How To Quit If You Don’t Want To Work

i don’t want to work anymore

I don’t want to work anymore.

That is a rather popular sentence in the COVID era.

And it is understandable.

People are dangerously close to burnout, and they need to escape to sustain their mental health and wellbeing. 

Luckily, there is a way to stop working. Or to put it in a better way, it is possible to work less and get more time for your life.

With technology and available resources, you can do that much faster than waiting for retirement. 

All you have to do is to decide to not work anymore. It all becomes much easier after that.   

Why Don’t You Want To Work? 

Not wanting to work anymore is not a trait of laziness. It is a desperate need to make time for your wellbeing.

With remote work and COVID measures, people have to spend even more time at work.

Thus people are getting a feeling that they are non-stop at work.

That leads to severe exhaustion, prolonged exposure to stress, and even mental health problems.

Rising levels of anxiety, depression, and similar conditions are becoming more evident. 

People need to find a way to unplug from the grind and make room for their needs.

The worst thing is that people lack an understanding of how the grind affects their well-being.

And, even worse than that is the fact that exhaustion depletes your ability to stay productive. 

Maybe you go with the motto “I don’t want to work anymore”, or want a quick break. Whatever the case is, you need it.  


Exhaustion is more than the moment you get too tired to go to the bathroom.

Instead, it is the state where your energy and productivity are at a low state.

And, there is no chance to increase it in any other way other than prolonged rest. 

Once you reach the point of exhaustion, your work suffers.

You fail to reach your goal since your productivity becomes low.

Your concentration falters, and it becomes even harder to finish tasks. 

Finally, the lack of ability to concentrate piles up.

The tension rises, and it takes a toll on something more than your physical wellbeing. 

Mental Health

You can recover your body through rest.

The same won’t apply to your mind.

Once you experience mental health issues, it takes therapy to get better.

And, even worse, it takes considerable effort before you get better. 

Of course, mental health is a broad term and may apply to various problems.

Regardless, it takes both time and therapy to work on your wellbeing.

However, that applies to milder forms of mental health issues. 

The issue here is that all these factors impact your work-life balance.  

Work-Life Balance 

Finally, your work-life balance deteriorates.

Even if you come and say I don’t want to work anymore, you still need money.

Without the money in the form of a fund or investment, you can’t sustain your life. 

Once you lose the funding, you come to a bad spot.

It is a vicious circle. Sometimes, it is best to notice these problems early on and work on them. 

Thus, it is time to look at the possibilities to stop working.

And, the best thing is that you can take the first step towards your new life today.  

How To Not Work Anymore? 

Now, it is time to put some prejudice out of the way.

There is no way to sustain a lifestyle without money. But, that doesn’t exclude a chance to live without work. 

At least not if you know how to work on your finances. And prepare to live without an income from a job. 

While that sounds almost contradictory to the standard logic, it is possible.

In theory, all you have to do is to create funds or find a job that requires less work.

Once you prepare the set-up, you can decrease the work time without a hit on your finances. 

The change you have to make is the change in your way of life. Initially, it may be tough, but you can make it. 

Try to put it in these terms. Taking measures now leads to a better life tomorrow.  

Live Frugally 

living frugally

The thing people fail to do time and time again is to lead a frugal life.

Now, that is not a science or something that requires advanced finance knowledge.

It takes effort to control your spending habits. 

That is the exact reason why most people never reach early retirement.

Each financial choice you make determines how fast you reach financial freedom.

Think about it from the perspective of buying a car. 

You can buy a model that requires you to pay for the car in the next five years.

Instead, you can buy a car for cash that is worth less, but it is worth more for your financial freedom.  

Every penny matters, and saving money by buying cheaper cars or groceries on a budget might enable you to live a stress free life.

Emergency Funds 

All the money you save may be put aside. For example, you can start an emergency fund.

An emergency fund, or any fund for that matter, is crucial for your success.

With a fund, you can take time off and live off the fund. 

Also, a fund can help you to invest money and later capitalize on the investment.

For example, you can invest in startups or stocks.

While it may not yield a return immediately, it could in a few years. 

Think of the fund as your way out.

Set a goal and think about how much money you need to avoid work.

The rule is to put into an emergency fund an amount of money worth six months of expenses. Work on it.  

Part-time Work 

The problem with this strategy is that you need to do several things at once.

In the best possible scenario, you can leave the job in the first few months. But, that is often not the case. 

Instead, it may take more than half a year or even several years to create the fund.

But, you want to leave the job and save money immediately. That is not possible under current conditions.

So, you can take a part-time job and start a frugal lifestyle. 

While it may not generate as much income as a full-time job, it gives you more time.

Also, with your part-time job, you can find other opportunities to make money and leave the grind behind.  

You can do traditional part-time jobs or choose something different and fulfilling. A lot of people decide to flip furniture or flip cars for a living.

Online Work 

Online work

Working online often means that you are freelancing.

Freelancing is a type of work where you do specific or gig tasks for money.

Many people choose to freelance since it allows them to organize their life and time. 

Freelance jobs offer you enough flexibility to work on them from time to time.

And, to get a part-time job. So, with a skill like programming, web design, or copywriting, you can supplement your income. 

As you build a portfolio, you can earn more money with less work. That helps you to eventually leave your part-time job and find other ways to make money. 

For some freelance jobs, you don’t even need to possess a specific skill.

Transcribing, for example, allows you to make money from the skill we all already have. If that’s your choice, make sure you check best online transcription jobs for beginners.

Diversifying Income Sources 

Now, if you have a high-paying job, this is an option to look at first.

Diversifying your income means investing money in various options.

For example, you can invest in a company, stocks, or cryptocurrency. 

Of course, you can become a minor partner in a company or an angel investor.

But, if you have a median-paying job, then going frugal is a better option.

In that case, invest time in learning a new skill that pays better. Those skills can lead to jobs that pay 20 dollars an hour, or more.

Then, once you save for a fund, start investing money in opportunities to stop working.

However, there is another way to stop working, which is a bit inconvenient.  

Finding a New Job 

Finally, you can find a new job. While this may sound contradictory to the previous advice, it is the best thing you can do.

Why else did you think “I don’t want to work anymore” in the first place? 

It is because your life became a grind.

You need to change your job, and therefore your life.

And, this could become a valuable moment to rethink what you want to do in life. 

Look at the dreams and passions you left behind.

Maybe, it is time to revisit them. It is never too late to give your dreams another shot.  

Take a Step Forward 

Leaving a job is a life-changing decision.

But, it takes more than courage. It takes preparation, and more than anything, it takes strategy. 

Yet, with proper preparation, you can make it happen sooner than you think.

Make sure to start saving money, budgeting, and take up a new skill. And, make sure that skill reflects the new life you embark on. 

It takes time before you get all that going on. But, once you make the first moves, your life is going to change.

That change reflects in the quality of your life.

And that quality is all about waking up happy and going to bed happy. 

I don’t want to work anymore is something more than leaving a job. It is a call to change who you are to become a better person.