Watch True Crime: Your Guide to ID Channel on Optimum

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I’ve always been fascinated by the mysteries and stories behind true crime, which is why I’m hooked on the ID channel on Optimum. It’s my go-to for a deep jump into the world of crime, investigation, and suspense.

What is the ID Channel?

Ever wandered through your TV channels, looking for something that grabs your interest? I know I have. Until I stumbled upon the ID Channel on Optimum. For fellow enthusiasts of true crime stories, this is pure gold. But what exactly is the ID Channel?

ID, or Investigation Discovery, is a network that’s all about true crime documentaries, investigative series, and fact-based storytelling. It dives deep into the mysteries of crime, offering viewers a closer look at the intricacies of investigations, the minds of criminals, and the impact on victims and their families. It’s not just about the thrill of the chase; it’s about seeking justice, understanding human behavior, and, sometimes, offering closure.

For anyone with a keen interest in crime stories, whether they’re historical cases, recent events, or ongoing investigations, the ID Channel has something to offer. It becomes a window to a world where every detail counts and stories are more intricate and compelling than any fiction. With Optimum, accessing this treasure trove of crime-related content has never been easier.

How to Access the ID Channel on Optimum

When I discovered the wealth of crime-related content on the ID Channel, I just had to figure out how to access it through my Optimum subscription. Turns out, it’s pretty straightforward, and I’m here to guide you through it.

First, make certain you’re subscribed to a package that includes the ID Channel. Not all plans have it, so it’s worth double-checking. I found out by quickly logging into my Optimum account online and browsing the channel lineup. If you’re unsure, Optimum’s customer service is incredibly helpful and can confirm it for you over the phone or chat.

Once you’ve confirmed that your plan includes the ID Channel, the next step is to actually find it. Optimum’s channel numbers vary by location, which initially threw me off. But, a simple visit to the Optimum website solved this mystery. They have a handy channel guide that lets you input your zip code to get a customized list of channels and their numbers in your area.

For those who prefer a more tech-savvy approach, the Optimum TV app is a game-changer. I downloaded it on my smartphone, and now I can stream the ID Channel live or watch previously aired episodes on-demand. It’s perfect for catching up on my favorite investigative series anytime, anywhere.

Remember, whether it’s through traditional TV viewing, online access, or via the app, getting hooked on the intense and intriguing world of crime on the ID Channel is just a few steps away with Optimum.

Popular Shows on the ID Channel

As a true crime enthusiast, I’ve spent countless hours watching various shows on the ID Channel, and I’ve definitely got my favorites. This channel has a knack for intriguing storytelling that keeps me coming back for more. Here, I’ll share a few must-watch series that have captured my attention and, likely, will capture yours too.

Homicide Hunter is a standout series featuring retired detective Lt. Joe Kenda. With his compelling storytelling and insightful analysis, Kenda walks us through his most complex murder cases during his career in Colorado. What sets this show apart is Kenda’s unique perspective, blending emotional depth with factual accuracy.

Next up, See No Evil offers a riveting look at how surveillance footage has become a game-changer in solving violent crimes. Each episode demonstrates the pivotal role that video evidence plays in piecing together what happened, often leading to breakthroughs in seemingly unsolvable cases.

Evil Lives Here delves into the personal stories of people who have discovered that a loved one is a monster. This series is particularly haunting as it explores the dualities of these individuals and the impact on those who were closest to them.

Finally, On the Case with Paula Zahn showcases the veteran journalist’s knack for uncovering new facets of well-known cases as well as shedding light on lesser-known stories. Zahn’s interviews and the detailed investigations give a comprehensive look at the criminal justice process.

These shows only scratch the surface of what the ID Channel offers. Each series brings its own unique flair to the true crime genre, providing hours of both entertainment and education.

Why People are Hooked on the ID Channel

I’ve often wondered why the ID Channel captivates so many, including myself. It turns out, there are a few key reasons that draw viewers in, making it a staple for crime enthusiasts around the globe.

First and foremost is the quality of storytelling. The channel masterfully crafts each narrative, ensuring viewers are not just watching but are emotionally invested. Every episode feels like a journey, one where you’re piecing the puzzle together alongside the detectives.

Another factor is the diversity of content. Whether it’s cold cases, forensics, or behind-the-scenes looks into criminal minds, there’s something for everyone. This variety keeps the content fresh and engaging, ensuring I’m never bored.

The educational aspect cannot be overlooked either. Even though its entertainment value, ID Channel also offers a glimpse into the complexities of the criminal justice system. It’s a learning experience, one that enlightens on the legal and psychological intricacies of crime.

Also, the community around true crime has grown exponentially. Watching ID Channel feels like being part of a larger, inquisitive group. Discussions and theories abound on social media platforms, deepening the connection between viewers and the stories told.

Finally, there’s a sense of closure that many of these shows provide. Seeing justice served offers a cathartic experience for viewers, providing a palpable sense of right overcoming wrong, even if it’s just on screen.


I’ve always been captivated by the mysteries and complexities of true crime stories. Optimum’s ID Channel has been my go-to for immersing myself in this intriguing world. With a lineup that includes some of the most compelling series in the genre, it’s no wonder I find myself spending hours engrossed in these tales. From the chilling narratives of “Homicide Hunter” to the gripping investigations of “On the Case with Paula Zahn,” there’s always something that piques my interest. The convenience of accessing these shows through Optimum, whether by live streaming or catching up on-demand, only adds to the experience. For fellow true crime aficionados, I can’t recommend the ID Channel enough. It’s not just about the thrill of solving mysteries; it’s about the stories of resilience, justice, and sometimes, unanswered questions that keep us coming back for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch the ID Channel on Optimum?

To watch the ID Channel on Optimum, you must subscribe to a package that includes it. Confirm your subscription by checking your package details either online through the Optimum website or by contacting customer service.

Where can I find the ID Channel number on Optimum?

The ID Channel number varies depending on your location. You can find the correct channel number by using the Optimum website’s search function or through the Optimum TV app.

Can I stream the ID Channel live with Optimum?

Yes, if you have a subscription that includes the ID Channel, you can stream it live through the Optimum TV app. The app also offers on-demand access to previously aired episodes.

What are some popular shows on the ID Channel?

Popular shows on the ID Channel include “Homicide Hunter,” “See No Evil,” “Evil Lives Here,” and “On the Case with Paula Zahn.” These shows cover various aspects of true crime, offering diverse storytelling styles and perspectives.

Why are people fascinated with the ID Channel?

People are drawn to the ID Channel for its quality of storytelling, the diversity in content, the educational aspects, the sense of community it fosters among true crime enthusiasts, and the closure that many of the shows provide.