Over the last week, we have received numerous calls concerning a spam email sent from “Best Rank SEO Outreach Department.” We’re sorry if you’ve received this annoying email—but rest assured, Best Rank has nothing to do with sending these. Any email sent from a Best Rank employee would correlate with an @bestrank.com email account. Any email claiming to be from us that doesn’t have a Best Rank email address should be deleted immediately. The spam email looks like this:

From: Michelle [mailto:Michelle.Folleta@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 11:14 AM
Subject: Your Website
Importance: Low

Hi, I was hoping you would give me just twelve minutes of you time to talk to you about your website. I am showing businesses like yours how they stack up against their competition, with a no obligation in depth analysis of their site. 
I pride myself in understanding how search engines work, and can break it down to a simple science for you.  If you give me an opportunity, I can show you how your site is currently stacking up against your competition and how you could be on top _ getting all the traffic your business deserves.I am doing this at no cost. If by the end of twelve minutes you do not want my help, at least I will know you are making an educated decision and will remember my name when you are ready.

Please let me know the best way to reach you and any comments you want me to consider before I do my research.

I look forward to earning your business,
Best Rank SEO | Outreach Department | San Diego, CA 92109

If you never want to hear from me again, just reply with REMOVE in the subject.

These emails are sent from Gmail accounts, and come from names like Michelle, Amber, and Daniella. We’ve seen several different Gmail addresses being used, like amber.cuddy@gmail.commichelle.folleta@gmail.com, and Daniella.bestrank@gmail.com. Again, we’re sorry for the spam, but this kind of behavior has never been and never will be part of Best Rank’s practices. Don’t reply to these messages—just delete them.


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